Monday, May 14, 2012

time flies

Time sure flies between blog posts anymore!  I hadn't realized it had been over a week since I last posted, whoops!  I hope everyone has been well, I know I sure have.  There's lots of good stuff going on, too much really to share.  That's not to say that life hasn't dealt me some challenges familiar and new.  But, all in all I have much to be grateful for!

This past weekend I took my Arrow of Light Den camping for their first outing with the Boy Scouts.  It was a simple overnighter in a nearby nature preserve but they sure had fun fishing and goofing off together.  The Scout Troop always hosts the Webelos for at least one campout before the cross over and become Boy Scouts.  This way the Webelos get to see how Boy Scouts works, what happens, etc.  It's a great way to get our boys excited about crossing over in February.  One kool thing, we camped close enough to town that we were able to go to church together.  Most of the boys are Catholic, so we put on our full uniforms and headed to town for Saturday evening MAss as a group, that was kool.  Ian had a pretty good time, but I think all their eyes were opened ot the fact that the boys lead the campout and do the work, NOT the adults.  That's the big difference in Boy Scouts, from Cubs.  They'll learn.  I think they all really loved it.

We took the two hour drive to Toledo or Mother's Day yesterday, was very nice of my wife to share her day with my moms.  My wife is going to spend most of a week at her mom's in WV in June so I think she wanted to be able to get me together with m mom and step mom yesterday.  That's marriage, compromise!  Other than being exhausted from the campout on Saturday night, it was a realy nice day, and the moms were all happy!  I am concerned for my step-dad.  He had stopped drinking and was dry/sober for probably 6 or 7 years (not in AA or any kind of recovery).  My mom pretty well put the brakes on the drinking because it had become habitual and annoying.  Thankfully he's a happy guy when he drinks lol.  Well, probably about a year ago I noticed the occasional glass of wine creeping back into the picture.  For the past several months, every time I see him, he's drinking wine like there's no tomorrow and ending up fairly well toasty by bedtime.  He starts at lunchtime and goes 'til bedtime.  So, the prayers have begun and I am awaiting my opportunity to be of some assistance for him and my mom.

It's all about balance right now.  It's a busy time (when isn't it?) with baseball (we're 3-0, undefeated so far, yay fun!), the playground construction finishing, work, real estate and a new mobile marketing business I'm starting.  So, meetings are VERY important for me.  I still manage 1-2 per week and I talk with AA's ALOT in between.  I just know that for me, I HAVE to stay fully engaged with the AA program and live by recovery principles, lest I find myself returning to that awful way of life.

Go get busy living life, but stay focused on sobriety as the #1 priority!  You'll be blown away with the result!

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You sound great, Scott.
I like that.