Sunday, May 14, 2006

The stream of life...

Change... today marks the beginning of a new chapter in my life! I am supposed to be sleeping in right now but, the IBSC convened an emergency session, thereby prohibiting further restfulness. (IBSC: itty bitty shitty committee) They were busy dragging chairs and spilling coffee so, I got up! It's the excitement of a road trip, the excitement, anticipation, fear of a new business venture. It's the excitement of seeing Houston again, this time sober. It's the excitement of hooking up with an old friend who moved there from Ohio, and an old friend (sober now) from the party days in Houston. It's the excitement of meeting dAAve, Scott W, Lex and any other really kool H-Town bloggers and recovery types when I hit a few meetings while I am in town. I have about 21 hrs of driving ahead of me (not including gas, food and nappy time stops) and I should be sleeping in right now. However, I am leaving around 2pm today, when my wife leaves for her home group and it's Mother's Day... I want to spend as much time with her and Ian (yes, and you too Cosmo) as I can before I go. Plus, I got her this really great gift and it's been driving me nuts since I bought it Friday.

Yesterday my mom and step dad came down for a visit, we had a ball. My son is my mom's only grandbaby. She's patiently waited along time for his arrival. The thing about that is that my mom's step grandbabies (my step siblings kids) are great, she has a great relationhips with them, but my step sister and step mom have made it abundantly clear over the years that those are NOT my mom's grandbabies... I have a bit of a sick family... who doesn't right? (but that's a whole 'nother post... ok, blog) Well, my boy adores her and she him. He has always been very close with her, calm around her, never ever shy or afraid of her like he was with my dad and step mom and step sister, and step brother, and most other family and friends he's met. So, my mom has just been revelling in the warmth and joy of their relationship. Well, we're sitting at Pizza Hut (I know, last of the big spenders, here I am) eating dinner and my boy turns to Gram D and says "I love your face Gram D." Well, needless to say, she melted on the spot, she smiled and turned her head away from him to let a couple tears drop, wipe her face, look at me with that look only mom's give... She 'bout got me going... I am just soo happy that HP brought Ian to us... He has given my family so much joy! That was a really nice moment. Even though I won't see mom today, I know she'll have a wonderful Mother's Day after her visit yesterday... (Plus I melted her with the card and book I got her... since I got sober, I have become very good at melting her)

So, if you should happen to be new in recovery, hang in there. there are a ton of unimaginable miracles and joys coming your way if you simply do the next right thing, stay sober a day at a time and enjoy your new life. You could never have told me I would be doing what I do now, or living the life I have now when I got to the rooms. I had so many pre conceived notions, ideas, dreams, goals etc... Man, did things turn out way different than I could ever have imagined. It's all because I trusted in AA, I trusted a sponsor, I learned to trust HP and now I even trust myself to just get into the stream of life and live. Well today, I am again jumping into the stream of life with both feet. But, I got HP, AA and a smile on my face (oh, and a ton of fear he he). That's what it's all about!

I love a good road trip!! I got my Sirius radio, got my CD's, I am good to go! (oh, and the cell phone will come in handy too!)

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Designer Girl said...

Awesome post!! Thanks, Scott.