Thursday, June 29, 2006

gratitude, kinda...

time for a list... thru somewhat gritted teeth... it's important to see it in writing so I am doing it...

I am grateful (dammit)...

that I didn't threaten to choke the shit out of my pretty much worthless office equipment dealer when he informed me that my machine will not be delivered now until late next week, 2 wks past the original "promised date." Hey, and this is the 3rd dealer I have tried ot get a machine from! I was actually quite pleasant, but I aint happy... loooong story!

that I haven't gotten impatient while waiting for the State of Ohio to approve my licensing application (ok, not impatient enough to start bitching, yet...), even though it's taking longer than they said it would

that while trying to post my HNT photos I didn't have a meltdown, while trying to get Blogger to work

that it dawned on me that if I hope to have any chance of a positive rest of the day, I had better make a gratitude list STAT


that I am learning to wait patiently (business start up=waiting)

that I met w/Fr. Tom yesterday

that I am working on myself, and not on those around me

for a kick ass home group meeting last nite

for my wife, son and doggie

for some new bloggers I have met this week: Gwen and It's in the Book

that I only used the "f" word 4 times while repeatedly clicking "copy" when I meant to click "paste", and clicking "paste" when I meant to click "copy" while inserting links into this post

that I am the only one in this office

for a visit this coming Sunday from my mom and step dad

for the friends we will hang with on the 4th as we cook out, and head out to see an awesome small-town fireworks display

that i didn't give up on making this list, knowing that Blogger is going to give me fits when I attempt to publish


my bloggage peeps

that I feel better now



peace to you all!

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