Wednesday, June 28, 2006

see, that wasn't so bad...

I had a very nice meeting this morning w/our Priest. I let him know of my interest in going through the necessary preparations to join the church, we talked alot about my background, AA, sobriety, my lack of religious upbringing, fears, my skepticisms, etc. All in all, it was a nice talk... I will start my RCIA stuff this fall, I am pretty excited! I also shared with him my concerns about my difficulties dealing with my own anger. I told him about our reflection/inventory/sharing/behaving/amends process in AA and what I had been working on. Long story short, he basically suggested prayer as an immediate daily practical exercise to keep myself in line with what I know to be God's and Jesus's will for me. Hmmm, now where have I heard that one before?? It probably boils down more to doing what I know to be the next right thing, than trying to figure out what the hell to do about how I handle anger.

All in all it was a great chit chat, about 30 mins, left me feeling very peaceful, hopeful and looking forward to becoming a part of the Catholic Church. Kinda freaks me out really, to "hear myself say (see myself type)" that. After I left Father, I went to Pizza Hut for lunch. I figure I deserved a little treat for being such a good boy and doing what I know is the next right thing to do. ( I am so into rewards, hehe!!) Besides, I passed up an invite to play 18 holes with a sponsee and a former sponsee this afternoon. So, I am wwaaaayyy on task today! Once I come back from my pizza and salad induced coma, and I am able to re-establish the caffeine overload in my system, I should have a productive afternoon at work. Shoot me a wake up call around 2 pm EDT.

peace to you!


Carly said...

HEEEELLLLLLOOOOO Scott! Here's your 2pm wakeup call. Love that you rewarded yourself with Pizza Hut for doing the next right thing today, which by the way CONGRATS on doing! (I'm big into rewards too. :))

Gwen said...

Hi Scott, It is my first visit to your page. Yeah! I really admire your courage to give it a go and become part of the church.


Tab said...

Whatever makes you happy my friend,
as long as it is from the heart,
I am happy for you :)
Thank you for sharing ~

PS.Rewards rule lol. . .
(with dried chili's on top!)