Thursday, July 13, 2006


I had been attending a great little 12:30 meeting in the town where my old office was. I started going there in January in an effort to boost production on my serenity. Well, it worked wonders, no surprise there. After I left my former employer to start this little adventure, my new office is about 13 miles south of where that meeting was so, I haven't been able to get up there. I tried dropping by about a month ago and to my shock, the basement was completely emtpy... They vanished! Since I don't attend any other meetings in this other community, I had no idea where they went. Well, I finally got a hold of someone just now who knew where they moved to! I am soooo glad!! I really miss that group a bunch. I cannot wait to get up there and see them again! I won't be able to hit it with the frequency I used to, but I would like to get up there now and again...

Prayer for the day:

God/HP, please guide my thinking today, keep me free from resentment and self pity. Help me to be grateful for the blessing of recovery you've given me. I pray for Your Will in my life and in the lives of all my family, friends and especially forthose alcoholics, addicts and people who are suffering today.


My wife, son and doggie
My family
A great home group meeting last nite
That You helped me locate that meeting

peace to all of you!


Lex-Sunshine said...

I'm going to a 'nooner' myself today : ) I make it about once a month and they are always there! : ) I'm truly grateful for that!

Tab said...

great post!

SCoUt said...

Great Prayer for the Day. And your HNT photo is priceless! That is just too, too funy.
Take good care.

Sober Chick said...

I think that's a wonderful concept about posting a daily prayer. It shows action and a daily commitment. I need to borrow tools as such. It seems like my HP is answering my simple prayers lately, I need to listen more however.

Glad that you found this group -- more over, the excitement you have to be a part of it. AA Rocks!