Monday, July 03, 2006

welcome to Monday!

Morning has broken, to a nice mostly calm thunderstorm. My garden needed the watering and I enjoyed the sounds as I slept. I was awoken to a 4 yr old boy playing with a 1 yr old Parson Russell Terrier on the bed this morning! Off we go! I don't really have to be in the office today, but I may blow in there for a few minutes just to feel like I have done the right thing! We have swim lessons (ok, Ian has swim lessons) at 11:30, going to go get my fishing license and hit the office. Somewhere in there is lunch and a trip to the office to putter around a bit. This evening I will take Ian and Cosmo fishing, should be fun.

Mama Bear got in to Phoenix just fine last evening. Leaving us at the airport was difficult for her, big time, I could tell. She did well, only cried a lil bit. She hates to be away from her peeps. (which I find amazing cuz we get on her nerves a lot, he he) Ian and I tracked her flight online so, that was kool, he really liked that! I am going to attempt to get some extra stuff done around here while she is gone. For some reason I am better at doing projects when she's outta town. Usually though, she has the boy with her, hehe!

JJ has pics of dAAve and Scott W on her blog this morning. If you really want to know what dAAve's all about, hit her blog, what a rip he is!

Well, Sponge Bob is over, I need to go hang with the lil dude...

peace to you all!


Shannon said...

you made me smile... LOL
Hope you Ian and Cosmo have a great day today! send us pics of the fishing trip! hope mamma bears trip goes well :)

Rex said...

Have a great time with the little dude!

Sober Chick said...

What a great way to wake up. That is priceless.

I went to work yesterday for 4 hours, pretty much was useless. I did not do much, arrggghh. LOL. I am in vacation mode perhaps.

Hope the swimming lessons go well. That is very important to a young one.

Gwen said...

Hop you and lil dude are having fun ;)

Happy 4th