Thursday, August 17, 2006

a day in the life...

We had a nice little get together last evening in honor of the two years my home group has been in existence. 19 people showed up, even one gal so that was kool! (we're a men's closed discussion mtg, normally average about 7-10 guys) We ate pizza and watched "My Name is Bill W." All in all, it was nice. We even had a couple of token takers and a fellow in town from Georgia... very kool!

I've been enjoying the company of my in-laws... Work and my AA stuff have kept me pretty busy since they arrived Tuesday, although I did take Tuesday evening to sit and visit with them. Sometimes I have a tendency to hibernate when the house is full of in-laws... I retreat to the "man room" where my office is. This week, I have so far made it a point not to do that. We have our little town festival coming up this weekend, and the swing band is playing on Sunday. It's kinda exciting because no one in town really knows that I play an instrument. So, it will be a bit of a "coming out party" for me. Ok dAAve, lay it on me, I know you've got to have somethin' funny to share! The kool is that my favorite local band is going to be playing again this year. They are a Christian Rock and Roll band and unless you really heard the words, you'd have no idea they were a Christian band. Their music is pretty heavy (as in heavy metal) and they really have a strong following of youngsters. Their show is really a thing to behold... It's quite a moving experience so, I am looking forward to that for sure! I have lots to do so it's off I go into the chaos!!

Prayer for the day:

HP/God, thank you for another day of sobriety. I pray I may have the courage to reach up and grab the Grace dust you sprinkle over us all. I am grateful to know in my heart that no matter what happens in my life, You're there for me. All I have to do is do my part, carry Your Message and do my best to seek out and live Your Will. I pray that I may bring an attitude of peace, calm and gratitude into all I do today. I pray that this attitude might be infectious to those about me. And again HP, help me to remember that I am here to serve, and through that service, my needs will be met. Help me remember that I am Third... there's You, my fellow human being, then me... I am Third.

peace to y'all, thanks for coming by!


Sober Chick said...

Oh I so have the hibernation tendicies too. LOL, how cool though that we can recognize them and know how these actions can make us silly.

My Name is Bill W. -- I want to see that. I have not had time to watch TV, is that something you can rent or do you have to buy it? Is it worth buying, did you think it was factual? Curious to know your thoughts.

Ok my friend, sending you hugs and checking in. Have a wonderful weekend with all your family!

dAAve said...

Nice post.
Nice prayer (again).

tap, tap, tap

Mary Christine said...

Grace dust... I like it.