Thursday, October 05, 2006

It's a good life today...

I think today I will try to catch that 12:30 meeting. I haven't been there in a few weeks. Now that I no longer work in that town, it takes a bit more time to drive over there for the meeting. But, it's always well worth the trip.

I am pretty excited about work these days. It seems that there's a bit of momentum building, and I am staying busy. Also, I had a local realtor (one o fmy main sources of biz) call yesterday and ske me to join them at an "open house" deal they are doing in a couple weeks. They are selling 45 new building lots in the town where I live and they are doing a tour of the development, and want me to be there to hand out my propaganda and discuss my various construction financing options. It feels good to be asked to do stuff like that, and it's a great opportunity for me to help some folks build new homes in our community. How great is that?

Had a great home group meeting last nite, as usual! I left there feeling quite calm and serene. It's good to have a life that's essentially free from chaos and stress. I know there's some stuff I gotta get better at, and things at home could be a smidge better. But, all in all, I have a TON to be grateful for, and I am!

Prayer for the day...

God/HP, please continue to remove my obsession to drink, use drugs and smoke ciggys. I am eternally grateful to you for continuing to remove the obsession. It is indescribably wonderful to be free from the grip of that awful obsession. God/HP, I pray that I may be fit to carry your message, and transmit what You have given me so freely through AA and other alcoholics. I pray that I may be an excellent "Big Book" for the newcomer or the struggling alcoholic, should I come into contact. Please use me to do good work today, to be of service, to offer love, understanding, warmth and friendship to all I encounter today. I pray that I may spend some time today, outside that crazy lil boardroom where the IBSC meets regularly.

peace to y'all!


Sober Chick said...

"I pray that I may be an excellent "Big Book" "

Hmmm, I think I am gonna have to put a bookmark on this chapter . . .


It is really great to hear from you. There is nothing better than to be "excited" about work. Flippin awesome!!!

dAAve said...

That's nice Scott.
Glad you made it back in one piece. I'll be waiting for my Monday report.