Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sunday evenings are nice!

What a nice Sunday it has been. We went to Mass (after sleeping in a bit!), came home and made brunch. Ian and I hit the Y, then came home and hung out. I had to crawl under the house to check on the dryer vent tubing, as there was a problem, got that fixed. I had to put away all the outdoor Christmas lites that I had taken down a couple weeks ago. I grilled an awesome ribeye on the grill, hung out with my wife and Ian, got Ian into bed and here I am.

I love Sunday evening for a couple reasons. 1.) I look forward to going to work on Monday mornings. 2.) It's a great evening for reading, reflection, blogging and watching Brothers and Sisters... I've kinda gotten into the show. Plus, I am usually pretty tired from the weekend so I sleep well. I dunno, I just love Sunday evenings at home!

Prayer for the evening...

God/JC/HP, thanks for another sober day, spent with my family. Thanks for helping me to keep motivated to get to the Gym and walk and play basketball. Thank You for helping me to not add to my wife's "quitting smoking/that time of the month" insanity. I am glad that I have pretty much finally learned when to keep my mouth shut and keep Ian occupied... pretty much!
Help me remember tomorrow when the alarm goes off, that I am trying to change my routine, and get up earlier to read Scripture and reflections and get to the office earlier.

peace to y'all!


mAAry-AAnne said...

Thanks for the post Scott, I was thrilled. When I checked your profile and saw the date of your A.A. birthday I thought it was pretty cool. You wised up sober 7 days before me! Good on ya,

Mary Christine said...

Happy Sunday night Scott.