Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Tab retires!

A sad day here in the blogoshpere! I see on dAAve's blog that Tab has hung up her blogging shoes. Well, I have really enjoyed getting to know ya Tab, through your sharing on your awesome blog. I hope that you'll continue to come by and visit us and share your inspirational thoughts with us on our blogs. Take care, and thanks so much for letting us get to know ya!

See ya round Cupcake!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I gonna miss her too Scott.

Greeting from Malaysia.

Designer Girl said...

A sad day, indeed, my friend. :(

Hope 2007 is a great year for you, Scott!

lash505 said...

Sad so sad..

Shannon said...

I know Scott.. I was really sad, I read it on an irish friend of bill's blog...

I am really glad you are here.

Hey how is the food/exercise thing going? Mine is sooo far soo good.. and feeling good.. feeling pumped!

Hope you have a super awesome day tomorrow hugs