Monday, February 12, 2007

300th post, groovy!

I sure never thought I would stick with this like I have. It's all your fault! I have met so many awesome bloggers as a result of doing this, that I am addicted! This has added a beautiful dimension to my program... Thank you all for being my friends!

Grammies: Last nite was the best evening of performances I have seen in years at the Grammies. I think the Dixie Chicks success was more a political statement by the industry than a musical one but hey, what can you do? I was sort of bummin' for my girl Christina Aguilera, I felt like she sorta got the short end of the stick. Her new CD "Back to Basics" is phenomenal, just like her last one "Stripped". (her voice really melts my butter, oh man... sigh!) Carrie Underwood and Rascal Flatts were awesome, love the Chili Peppers, MJ Blige, great... That girl and guy who played with John Mayer, awesome!! Even the girl who sang with Justin (insert girly screams here) Timberlake was pretty dang good I thought. I even liked that Barkley fellow, love his voice,and that tune, awesome! I think it's great that they spent so much time honoring older musicians and groups. Very nice!

We're gonna get snow and Ice. It looks right now like the sleet and ice will be just south of where I am which means we'll get more snow, which is fine by me! As of now, they are calling for 1-3" tonite and like 6-9" tomorrow. Now to me, that's not devastating snowfall, but to the peeps around here, well they are raiding the grocery stores and every other ridiculous thing. They just aren't used to getting snowfall more than an inch or two at a time. And, they certainly don't slow down on the roads like they should, lol. Pretty silly, huh MC?

Prayer for today...

God/HP/JC, please remove my obsession to drink, drug, smoke ciggies, worry about money and all the other self-destructive things I am prone to do. I could never hope to live to good purpose if I didn't at least make an attempt to give myself over to Your Care just for today. Help me conduct an organized, productive meeting this morning with my realtor-partners for my new FSBO marketing program. I pray that I may remember that I am here to be of service to You and to my fellow human. I pray that I might take an attitude of gratitude and peace through the day, that You might use me to do Your good works.

Happy Monday, Let it Snow!


Sober Chick said...

Congrats on your 300th post. Whoo hoo. THat is very cool.

If I experienced this snow as you speak of I would be flippin out too. Mitch would be the calm one since he was born and raised in Chicago. Not I, I am spoiled by the California weather. Blah.

How does Cosmo manage? Do you have doggie attire? :)

Mary Christine said...

It is snowing here again. This is a real test. It feels like a plague.

dAAve said...

Congrats on 300.
Keep the snow.