Monday, February 05, 2007


-4 degrees it said on my car-mometer this morning! brrrr... me no likey!

"Step Three offers no compromise for reservation or delay. It calls for a decision, here and now. How we surrender our alcoholic personality defects to GOd is of no immediate concern. The important point is our willingness to try. Faith in practice of the Twelve Steps opens the way to understanding of God and provides ways of giving our lives to Him." - The Little Red Book (hazelden)

Ok, I definitely need to Let go and Let God each day. There's just no doubt about that. Each and every day I have the choice to allow God into my life and seek His Will. Or, I can just go on about my business, running the show and hoping for the best. Well, I know what the outcome will be if I try running the show. Well, ok, I don't know exactly what it will be, but I know it won't be nearly as good as it would if I just gave it up and sought God's Will for me today. It worked with my drinking, drugging, smoking and various other defects practiced by this alkie. I guess I should probably (against my better judgement) continue to try to turn it over just for today.

I have put off calling my new students to set up our lessons. I have used a few lame excuses to cover for my fear of going back to teaching. I put such a high importance on the noble profession of teaching back when I was in college and grad school that when I blew it all up via drinking and drugging, I really beat myself up over it. I have never gotten right with the fact that I wasted the gift God gave me, and basically "shit" all over the profession I enjoyed so much. I know that for my own growth, I really need ot just jump off the deep end and start swimming with this. After all, getting back into playing again has been an awesome experience. I put that off for the same reason for a looong time also. So, I guess I had better just trust God and let this go, and do the next right thing. Of course, I have been busy, and I don't think my wife is too gassed about the idea of me adding another thing to my list of stuff I do besides sit around the house and hang out with Ian so she can catch her breath. (yeah, daddy has a smidge of a resentment over mom's issues...)

ok, that's plenty of honesty for a Monday morning!

Prayer for today...

God/JC/HP, thank you for another sober awakening. Thank you for the crisp beautiful morning, sun shining brightly on the skiff of snow we have! breathtaking! Help me today to do the next right thing in front of me. Please guide my thinking and actions today, that I might do Your Will and help others. Help me not worry about finances and business, but help me to keep plugging along and seeking Your Will in my work. God, thanks for this day and all it has to offer! I ask Your Will and Grace for my friend Larry who is recovering (miraculously) from major brain surgery, I ask Your Will in the life of my new blogger friend who's living life a day at a time while her husband serves a sentence in prison. I pray for Your Will for all my family and friends, especially those who are sick and suffering, that You might use me to carry Your Message.

y'all have a great Monday!

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