Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday gratitude

We've reached another Friday! yay! I got a good workout in last nite at the Y while Ian was in his basketball class, and he and I took time to practice his basketball skills, it was fun playing b-ball, not so much fun working out. The old bod still doesn't want to cooperate at times, lol!

Yesterday was one of those grumpy sorta days when I really wasn't in the mood to talk to anyone... wierd how those hit outta the blue. Today seems to be better. Thankfully, I didn't do any damage yesterday, lol! I hate that I am susceptible to those dark, nasty moods. But, I am grateful that I have people in my life who can relate and who go through the same thing. And I am even more grateful that HP has shown me how not to spread the mood around. Sometimes, I even do my best not to, lol!

This weekend is the Rite of Election where we (all the candidates and catechumens from the diocese) get formally welcomed into the Church by the Arch Bishop of Cincinnati, I am a little nervous, but looking forward to the experience. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate with us on Sunday. I have about an hr and 15 min drive down to the service. It's getting down to crunch time as we prepare for full entry into the church... pretty exciting!

a lil gratitude... (it's been awhile)

AA and the 12 Steps that have saved my life
my wife, son and doggie
sunshine for two days in a row here!
temps above 30 most of this week!
spring is not far!
Lent, a time to improve myself, to work to grow closer to God
the Church
RCIA, and the kind people who are helping us on our faith journey
the new marketing stuff I am working on at the office
the Optimist Club I just joined... very kool, helping local kids!

the irony of a guy like me becoming an official "Optimist" (you should read our creed, lol)
the Y
basketball, a sport I've never been fond of
feeling like I am losing weight, slimming down... even though the scale really doesn't say so!

consistent workouts including many many crunches!
drinking lots and lots of water
the cross in my pocket
St. Andrew

Prayer for today...

God/JC/HP please help me to stay sober today. Help me in my journey to God by reminding me of the importance of giving of myself. It's my job after all... Help me to remember that I am trying to be of service, giving to customers rather than just trying to get. I pray that I might be well prepared to receive the blessing of our Arch-Bishop Sunday and that I might be given some further insight as to how to prepare myself to receive Christ on Easter Vigil.

a peaceful Friday to you all!


Inmatez Wife said...

Best of luck to you while you prepare to recieve Christ. What a wonderful moment that will be for you!!! I am glad that your "blues" yesterday passed. It if funny how they seem to just come up from nowhere, and it is great that you have those supportive people around you to help you through!! Keep up the great work!

Pam said...

Every year when I was a kid, we would buy our Christmas Tree from the Optimist Club!
You sure have a full life....and a great gratitude list.

Shannon said...

Gooooooood evening Scotty.. I am so proud of you Keep it up man. I am in one of those weird dark moods or I was it is passing and I am sooo glad.
I hope you and Ian are having a great weekend!