Sunday, March 25, 2007

Tagged by a friend, tagged 7 more friends

My friend, an inmatez wife, tagged me this weekend! I haven't been tagged in awhile and this one is way kool since I am very much into music. I am suppsoed to list 7 tunes I am into and I will add a twist... they have to have some sort of meaning or message! These are in no particular order. It's touch to pick only 7

1.) "Sacrifice"- Elton John, performed by Sinead O'Connor
2.) "The Rain Song"- Led Zepplin
3.) "Beautiful"- Christina Aguilera
4.) "The Dance"- Garth Brooks
5.) "Stardust"- Nat King Cole
6.) "Rosemary"- Lenny Kravitz
7.) "Ghost in This House"- Alison Krauss and Union Station

There's so many more... Ok, here's who Tag: MC, Shannon, Daave, Scott W., Jonathan, Cactus, Lounge Daddy.

This morning's Scripture reading is a good one for me... "Let the one among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her." -John 8, 7 This is the well known scene where Jesus intervenes on behalf of the adulteress. The Pharisees bring her before Jesus and prepare to stone her to death, in accordance with the teachings/law of Moses. Jesus sits there calmy writing in the dirt with a finger and he tells them the quote from John. One by one the accusers each leave, starting with the elders among them. He then turns to the woman once they are alone and forgives her sin and tells her to go and sin no more.

If Jesus can forgive the woman caught in the act of adultery, perhaps I can then "forgive those who trespass against me..." as well. I don't guess I need to expand on that any further, wow!

Yesterday morning we had our weekly AA meeting at the county jail. It was one of the best meetings I have been to in quite some time. As it turned out, I ended up being the only AA to show up and we had 4 inmates. One asked the magic question... "When does the craving stop, how do you deal with that and not drink or use?" Man, did we have a discussion... We ended up going a half hour past normal ending time. Everyone got involved at some point or another (which is very rare in jail). It even seemed as if maybe the lights kinda came on for a couple of the guys who were quite convinced that they would never be free of the obsession/craving/insanity. The great thing for me is that it took me right back to early recovery, and the insanity I went through trying to quit a day at a time. We talked about steps, sponsors, home groups, all the good basic nuggets of recovery... could really feel HP working through me, giving me His Message for these men. And man did that help me in my day! It was really magical... I when God does that, and especially when He asks me to participate.

Prayer for today...

God/JC/HP, thanks for another sober day... Thank You for the awesome spring weather we're having... rainy, sunny, humid mild, breezy... all just glorious. Thank You for having me plant the bulbs I have planted over the years here, they are coming up and are beautiful. Thank You for my friend who tagged me and got me thinking and enjoying the various messages from some songs I am into these days. I ask for Your Grace and Your Strength for MC and her daughter, for my wife, for my friend Cactus, for Sober Steve, for my newest two sponsees who have drifted off. Thank You HP for using me to carry Your Message of Hope to some men who had none. Help me remember to be of service today, and thank You for the signs of life in my business this week.

peace be with you all, and Go Denny Hamlin #11, at Bristol Motor Speedway today!


Meg Moran said...

G'morning Scott...great song pics, funny how music can have so much meaning. I've been catching up on your oh man we have some stuff in common. My husband is a mortgage broker too..the market is a scary "faith tester" right now for sure! Nice to get to know you a little more. I'll be back. Luv.

Anonymous said...

oh oh... lol
alright. I like your music choices. I'll have to think about this a moment.

Inmatez Wife said...

Sacrifice is awesome!!! I forgot about that one, what a great song!!! Good picks there my friend!!
That is simply awesome that you had such a great meeting in jail. Amazing that you were the only one to show up, and how open they all were to you. That was the HP calling on you my friend, and you sure did answer! AWESOME!!!!!

lushgurl said...

"Beautiful" post Scott, from the prayer(s) to the song choices to the 'giving back' you were able to do at the jail. YOU are a beautiful person...thanks for being!

Mary Christine said...

Thanks for your kind wishes.

Rex said...

Great post. Love your choice in music too....

Trudging said...

Do they have a Patron Saint of fools because, that is the one for me.

Shannon said...

that is awesome you were there I got to this program because of someones treatment commitment.

COol songs I will go post mine now :)

and you nailed me on your comments... LOL
Have a blessed day Scott

SoberSteve said...

Great songs. Sorry about Denny, but JR. didn't much better. Thanks for thoughts with the songs, I am beatiful...Words won't bring me down!!!!



I could listen to The Dance over and over and cry everytime.

Michael said...

Message From Noor
I'm sorry, Michael. I'm in a Cyber Cafe in town right now. I can't get access to my Internet since last Friday's night. I guess my CPU was struck down by lightning. I forgot to take out the telephone line and I pay dearly for my carelessness.

I can't always go to my friends' house just to use their computer and this Cyber Cafe are using, most of them are using dial-up connection and it took ages for anything to get loaded. I didn't get the chance to visit all my Recovery Friends' blog and I hope you will spread the words around about my predicaments whenever you visit them.

I'm reaching out for your help to tell them all. You can use My Sacred Links to visit and leave a message on their blogs.

I don't know when I shall be online again. Still waiting for their technician to repair my PC. I was told it may take at least two weeks before I shall be online again.

Oo boy, how can you live without your beloved PC for two long weeks?

Please Michael, I'm counting on you. See you in two weeks time. Bye for now...

Scott W said...

You have been tagged again!

Lex-Sunshine said...

That jail meeting must just be AWESOME!!! : ) Keep up the great service work man!!! and I'm jealous of your tracker! I think I'm finding all the weight you are losing!!! lol!!!