Saturday, April 07, 2007

Holy Saturday, Batman!

Today's the day. Tonite at Easter Vigil Mass, I will join our Lord in Baptism, Confirmation and First Holy Communion. To say that I am excited is an understatement. Combined with that excitement is apprehension about being the focal point of a portion of the celebration at Mass tonite. My mom in law and my wife's cousin are staying with us this week and my mom is coming down for the nite to attend Mass with us. That means alot to me. My dad never really responded either way to my invitation to come and join us and I suppose that's fine. It is what it is. I know he's not terribly comfortable with my becoming Catholic, as he holds very different beliefs than I. That's most certainly fine indeed, everyone is entitle to their beliefs. But, I think it might have been a bit more respectful to have responded to my invitation with more than a passing, "oh, I hope you have a nice Easter." This must be more upsetting to him than I might have realized. I hate it if it is, but that's really his problem. When I first told him I was going through the RCIA process to become Catholic, he wished me, well and suggested that I grab hold of my faith with everything I have and go with it, don't just use it as some sort of "banner." Then he proceeded to basically share with me his opinion of the Faith and of Christianity and the Bible and let me tell you, that was difficult to sit and listen to, but I did, out of respect. I even asked if I might join him at his church some time and there really wasn't much of a response there. So, my conclusion is that it's best left alone! Enough of that, lol!

There was an elderly (84) woman who had gone missing Thursday from a nearby small town. Evidently there was blood in her home and signs of a struggle. Things like that simply do not happen around here in rural Ohio. So, the entire community is really shaken up. Well,l ast nite on the news, they announced that they found her body, and the man who confessed to kidnapping, raping and killing her. He had broken into her home, she came home, found him and he did what he did, put her in his trunk, alive, she tried to call 911 on her cell and couldnt get a signal. That's about all I know as far as the details. Well, at the men's prayer group I jsut joined this morning, it was discussed briefly and it turns out the she was the mother of the husband of one of my wife's close friends. I recognized her last name and wondered but my wife said probably not as their family was from a different community as this woman. Well, it was my friend's mom. I cannot even begin to imagine what he must be feeling. We prayed for the family this morning and I'll continue to do so. I only hope that I can figure out something to do to help ease their pain and suffering. It's not that this is any worse because I know the family, I guess itjust makes it more personal and it hits closer to home. While I cannot imagine what might drive this person to commit such an act, the news reported that he was high and drunk, robbing her house. So, I suppose that perhaps I have a better understanding of this than I would like to have. not only did we pray for Mrs. E's soul and her family, we prayed for God's Mercy and forgiveness for the poor soul who committed this awful act. The kindness of these men in the prayer group, to immediately pray for this young man, for forgiveness of his sin... It kinda blew me away, honestly.

Prayer for today...

God/HP/JC... Please help me to stay sober, and in the Sunlight of Your Spirit again today. I pray for Your Grace, Blessings, Strength and Hope for my friend and his family as they work through this awful tragedy. As upset as I am over this awful thing, I pray that You might have mercy on the soul of the poor fellow who did this. I pray that You might help me find a way to be there for my friend. Please help me to better understand my wife as she is no doubt having a very difficult time in life right now. I pray that might show more patience and compassion for her, even if it means stuffing my own anger and frustration for thing I believe to be terribly wrong. I know there is really nothing I can do to help, to help he see the positives in life. But,I can try harder to not let her situation affect me. God, I pray for your Blessings, Your Grace and inifinite love for her in her day today. Thank You for putting her in my life as she has changed me forever. If it be Your Will, please let me help change her life according to Your Will as You haev done for me through her. God, thank You for Your Son, Your Church, and this particular easter. I pray that I might prove ymself worthy of receiving Your Son and the Good News. I pray that I bear my burdens, carry my cross as Jesus did with Faith, Hope and Love. Thank You for those gifts in my life, and thank You for welcoming me Home.

peace be with you all, and Happy Easter!


lushgurl said...

Scott I love how you are so humbly connected to the messages your HP may send. I admire your daily courage and strength. You are one awesome AA dude!
Love and HUGS and congrats on your communion today!


lash505 said...

Have a great Easter Scott yes I will be going in mass in my easter wears.

dAAve said...

Sorry to read about the murdered woman and your connection to her. She is in good hands now.
I hope you and your family enjoy the finest Easter possible.

Mary Christine said...

Happy Easter to my Catholic Brother!

Trudging said...

Congrats on becoming a Catholic.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home, Scott

God bless ya. Happy Easter