Monday, April 30, 2007

Monday morning miscellany

Good morning all! What a nice weekend! Ian came with me Saturday for our Optimist Club fishing trip. We took 25 jr high kids out to a club member's place to fish in his pond. It was a blast, those kids had a great time. Ian caught the biggest bass (battery malfunction prohibited the photo taking.. grr) and also a 16" catfish. Lots of kids caught lots of fish and a great time was had by all. I'll post some pics on my photo blog shortly.

We finally got out to hit golf balls on Saturday and Sunday. I was actually hitting them fairly well considering it was the first trip out this year. Ian had a "ball" with that to! I think I might actually have a shot at getting out for nine holes later in the week. That would be nice!

My friend Lounge Daddy has a little girl, and she celebrated her First Holy Communion over the weekend, congrats dad and daughter! Awesome!

The Browns... what can I say? We had probably the best draft in the history of our football team. They grabbed the big stud left tackle from U of Wisconsin (who's grandpa I met at a game this fall, and told him Joe T. was coming to Cleveland). And we got Brady Quinn from Notre Dame, probably the best or 2nd best QB in the draft this year. We also snagged probably the most talentd Cornerback in the draft this year, lets hope his off field antics have come to a conclusion. Our GM engineered an incredible draft this year! These players can quite possibly change the course of history for our team. I am pumped!

Last week was a productive one for work as well. I had two closings for two very pleased customers, gotta love that. And man, the coffers are low, lol. I need to get those funds into my office accounts before the cobwebs take over, wow! I cut it pretty close this time. (wipes brow) Thanks HP for the help there, lol. May looks like it could be a huge month for happy customers, loan volume and revenue. I just have to remember that the second two are a result of the first one!

Mama Bear goes in for her first crown appointment this morning so, I am actually working from home, all comfy (and no I aint tellin ya what I am wearing, lol). Hopefully this will be less traumatic than the root canals have been. She's a trooper, and we're getting closer to the end! I guess today they measure and grind and stuff, then next time they install the crowns. I am grateful that's not me in that chair. God blessed me with great choppers!

No word from either sponsee, so I will continue to pray for them. There's really nothing else I can do. I think I will call the one who has "come back around" just to check in. I am not in the habit of chasing down sponsees but I want to maintain contact while he's still sober (I think).

Prayer for today...

God, JC, HP... Please help me stay sober today. I lay my addictions at Your Feet. Only You are qualified to handle these addictions. I will try to keep my focus on the next right thing today. I pray for my wife, that she might not have to suffer too much in the dentist chair today, and thanks for getting her through all this. Also, I pray for my two guys, that they might find the way, whatever that might be. Please continue to sprinkle Your Grace Dust over them and all who need Your Help so badly. God, please help me to remember to be of service to You and to those around me today. I pray that I might remember that I am here to serve my customers in their needs first. The money is a RESULT of doing good work. I pray I might keep that in it's proper order today. Thank You for trusting me with the customers You've brought my way.

peace be with you all...


Sober Chick said...

happy Monday 2 u Scott. Looks like you have been very active, enjoying that thing called life! :)

Best wishes to your wife. I don't mind the dentist, I like that pain (ya I know, I am stranger than strange).


Mary Christine said...

My (much) elder brother is a graduate of Notre Dame and is very excited about Brady ... hope he can revitalize the Browns.