Tuesday, April 03, 2007

quickie nuggets

g'mornin'! I have to hang round home this morning to take the boy to school so I had time to read a bunch of your blogs. I love when I can start my day with you people. I ought to make more time to do it every morning!

It's another beautiful morning here in west central Ohio. We've been blessed with incredibly warm,. non humid mild weather. Everything is in full swing and tomorrow, lol winter re-visits according to the weather guy. We're going to spend the rest of the week with highs in the 30's and low 40's, rain and snow showers. That's spring in ohio... it's better than heavy snow and temps in the teens! I mowed Friday afternoon for the first time ever in the month of March... crazy!

Tonite a close friend in AA and I are going to Cincy for the Chrism Mass. This is a Mass celebrated at the main church of the Arch Diocese of Cincinnati to consecrate the Chrism Oils used throughout the year. I thought ot would be appropriate for me to go as this very oil will be used during ym Baptism and Confirmation Saturday evening and I understand that this particular Mass is really awesome. I am excited! It's Holy Week!

My mife's mom and cousin are coming in from West Virginia Thursday, can't wait to see them. They are coming for Easter and to celebrate my joining the Church... very kool! they're also going to help us prepare for the nieghborhood garage sale, very very good! I got the garage all cleaned out and organized Sunday, along with my office, was one of those white tornado days lol!

Prayer for today...

God/HP/JC, thank You for the continued gift of sobriety. Thank You for my friend Christina that she's found her way home. I pray that I might be open and ready for Your Message this evening, that I might be a good friend and sponsor as J and I ride two hrs together and discuss how we can help my sponsee though his latest escapades. I pray for that sponsee, that I may make myself available to him, should he return to meetings this week. I also pray that HP helps my other sponsee with whatever he needs. I pray that I might take some quiet time later today to remember that I am here to serve You and those around me. Help me to be a good citizen of my community and not focus so much on what want or "need." I pray for all my friends and family, especially MC and her peeps, Christina, my customer's bro and his loss of a granchild, my friend J and his family as they move his mom to an elderly care facility. I ask only for Your Will, Grace and Strength God for all these people and myself. Thanks for the beautiful weather, and I pray that I don't find myself complaining about your upcoming chilly handiwork :-) I love you God/JC!


vicariousrising said...

Your excitement about Easter reminded me of an Easter Mass I went to with my grandmother. She has a rather large nose, and the incense tickled it. She let out this enormous sneeze that brought the sermon to a halt, causing the entire congregation to laugh. The priest gave a warm "God Bless You" to her, then went on. It is a lovely favorite memory. Thank you.

lushgurl said...

Hey Scott, reading your comments on other blogs this morning had me laughing out loud! Love your sense of humour! Love you too....HUGS

Sober Chick said...

I am so touched by your prayer, You brought tears to my eyes. I know what I did wrong, I stopped spiritually growing. In all of my sober experience no one has gotten drunk from working all the 12 steps.

I will post more about it later on today. For now I am hitting blogs and listening :)

Big HUGS to you. Oh, and PS, I loooove seeing Cosmo's birthday, What a lucky gal. Her and her presents, she is a good sport and such a cutie pie.

SoberSteve said...

Easter is right around the corner, a new birth of sorts for me also. thanks for the comments and support.

peace hugs

Shannon said...

Hey Scott! I am soo proud of you for 15lbs gone. ME TOO! saaweet. I hope you get all you can out of mass tonight
I appreciate you


lash505 said...

I love two read your blog scott you the man, plus we have el kids.

Sylvia said...

I missed reading your blogs while I was offline. I truly enjoy your prayers and reading about your life.

Mary Christine said...

Thanks for your prayers. Hope the Mass was wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed you on AIM the other day -- love chatting it up with you, Scott. I hope your mass was as beautiful as you were hoping for. Glad you have some cool support for your upcoming baptism, etc.
As always, love your prayers.