Wednesday, May 23, 2007

early recovery discussion.... gotta luv it!

Well, our newcomer was back this week, asking again about how he can get himself settled down, and deal with life stuff without nerving out. Man did we have us a meeting, I love it! We shared with him the importance of regular attendance at meetings, how if left to our own methods and our own solo recovery, we'd each have fallen down drunk at some point. We talked at length about the importance of a daily program, daily contact with alcoholics in recovery. Heck, for example, Monday afternoon I golfed with my sponsor, Tuesday a sponsee stopped over as I was gardening, today I had lunch with another sponsee... I am immersed in recovery. Hell, I got all you guys whenever I need a dose of reality/recovery... And I shared with him that for this alcoholic, that sort of immersion is required not only to stay away from the first drink but to build some sort of contentment with my life and learn how to deal with stuff without my old alcoholic toolkit. Needless to say, there was some great stuff shared tonite and it was just exciting as heck! We talked about the importnace of having a sponsor and calling him, getting numbers of men at meetings so we can call when we're outta sorts, the importance of having and regulalry attending a home group. He got a heavy dose of love, honesty and support. It was a great, early recovery type meeting... I am selfishly hoping he chooses our group as his home group, we could use more members... lol I just love those meetings where guys are falling all over each other to help a new guy who's enthusiastic and asking questions earnestly in order to feel better.... You can literally see the gears grinding as he tries to go from understanding to accepting to learning and internalizing the principles and practices of recovery... OK, I need to take a deep breath lol... andI didn't even have any coffee tonite lol

Prayer for today...

God/JC/HP, thank You for keeping em sober today, thanks for bringing E to us! I pray for him, that he might keep it simple and continue to seek recovery through You. Please use me to help him. I pray that I am fit to be a good recovery/AA example for E. Thank You for the awesome meeting I went to for work yesterday. I pray for Your guidance and divine inspiration as I try to put together this task force in my county, to help people avoid and get help with foreclosure. please help me do this good work..I know we can be of service to our community and really help people... Thanks for the opportunity!

peace be with you all


Pam said...

I'm with you...I love a group that loves up the newcomer. It's a real battery charger for me.

vicariousrising said...

Daily contact with other alcoholics has been key to my recovery. I still go to meetings daily, plus I added my blogging buddies and I have breakfast or lunch with other sober friends. In my year and a half of sobriety, I have a full life that's way more interesting than it used to be.

Kari Sullivan said...

Thanks, Scott. I really needed to hear that. You know, it's funny. When I started my 90-in-90 a few months ago, I was having a hard time trying to fit meetings into my schedule. But as I stuck with it, it became less difficult; partly because I started to see some benefits in going to 1-3 meetings a day, but also because I realized that it wasn't so much my schedule that was the problem. It was my resistance to change.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm really finding this online blogging community helpful to my program. My sponsor suggested it and , duh?, he was right.

Peace out!

Shannon said...

I love being around my sober peeps. In fact I dont have many friends at all who are outside of AA

and hey Your a Libra??? I am too : )
Ok that was random... but I just found out and thought it was cool : )

lushgurl said...

Yup to all of the above! I too need a daily dose of recovery, and thankfully, I even want it too!
Love and HUGS Scott

Mary Christine said...

Good stuff all.

One Drunk to Another said...

Immersion in recovery is what works for me! I just came from a meeting, spent the afternoon watching a movie with another alkie, had several calls from sponsees and such throughout the day. Yesterday I worked, talked on the phone with several alkies, went to a meeting with alkies, went out after the meeting and ate with some too. etc. It's my life and I wouldn't have it any other way!