Saturday, June 09, 2007


Yay, my first golf outing of the season! I have only been out a few times, and to the driving range a few times, but this year I have been really hitting the ball pretty well. Ian and I went out Tuesday evening and I shot a 45 on the front 9 of my favorite little golf course, even made a birdie! Today, I am playing in an outing to raise money for our local FOP chapter (police union). One of my best friends is a local policeman.

After that I need to dash to the pet store and get some meds for my fishies, they have a little condition I need to clear up. Then, I am coming home and Ian and I are going camping at a nearby State Park. He doesn't know about it ey. The tent sites are first come first serve and I want to call before we head out so he isn't all fired up, then disappointed if we get there and there's no sites available. This will be his first out-of-the-backyard camping trip!

"Try never to judge. The human mind is so delicate and so complex that only its Maker can know it wholly. Each mind is so different, actuated by such different motives, controlled by such different circumstances, influenced by such different sufferings, you cannot know all the influences that have gone to make up a personality. Therefore, it is impossible for you to judge wholly that personality. But God knows that person wholly and He can change it. Leave to God the unravelling the puzzles of personality. And leave it to God to teach you the proper understanding." -May 11, Twenty-Four Hours a Day Hazelden

Prayer for today...

JC/HP/God, I pray that You help me stay sober and free from all my harmful vices today. St. Andrew, Holy Mother of God, pray for me as well. I pray that I might be a source of joy and laughter in my group at the outing today. I pray that I might not judge other people. God, help me have the energy and state of mind today to show Ian a great time camping. I pray that I am fit to carry Your Message should someone ask me for help today.

peace be with you all!


Pam said...

I loved the last line of your prayer...I too, want to be fit to carry the message.
Camping sounds fun - enjoy

Anonymous said...

Hooray for Ian!
You r a good dad, Scott.

Mary Christine said...

I hope you got a campsite and it will be a special memory Ian will have forever.

Gwen said...

You are a great daddy Scott. John and Reid have a nice 30 gallon salt water fishy tank. They are fun.

Have hit a wall with the weight. Stuck at 25lbs. Hopefully if I stick with it things will pick up again.

Have a great week,

lushgurl said...

Loved the aquarium pics, AAngel and I just watched "Finding Nemo" again last night!
I was wondering where the golf ball came from. Hit me right in the big fat noggin' it did!!!
Love to you!