Saturday, July 07, 2007

home again!

We had a really nice trip to WV. It was good to see the outlaws oops, in-laws! lol, and it was good to get away from the routine for awhile. We actually got home Thursday afternoon but I've been too busy to sit down and blog. We spent a couple days in St Albans (near Charleston) and then it was off to Beckley (southern WV, in the mtns) to stay with her folks. I got to meet a side of her family I had not ever met and that was kool, they were really nice! I read through two books ("Lamb of God"/Hahn and "Conversations With God"/Walsch) and finished/re-started "The Secret"/Byrne. It was a ton of spiritual reading from some varied perspectives... The Walsch book was a MAJOR eye-opener. I intend to re-read that one soon and often, WOW! Those 3 books are the most "life/perspective-changing, eyeopening books I've read in quite some time. I recommend them all to anyone!
We did some hiking/walking in the New River Gorge, at/below the gorge bridge (check your WV Quarters/ $.25). That's the largest span bridge in the western hemisphere, 878 ft above the river... They bungee jump off that thing in the fall on Bridge day. They've even dropped cars off there on bungees for commercials. Insane! I think the photos give you a pretty good idea of what's going on there... It's one of the whitewater rafting meccas in the country. This time of year, the river is down, especially with the little bit of rain there's been in the area.
We also did a lot of knick/knack, artsy/fartsy shopping for stuff, like we always do. We ate too much, laughed alot, even had a brief argument. It was a complete trip! We even got to meet her parents new Westie, Joey. At first Cosmo was being pretty nasty with him but they ended up playing well together, he's a cutie! (and so is my big sweetie Cosmo!)
We saw fireworks on Saturday, those were great... I hope y'all had a great 4th!
I have to get outta here, off to prayer group, and then to the jail for a mtg. I'll post more later! I missed y'all very much!
Prayer for today...
God/JC/HP, thanks for another sober awakening. Thank You for a great, safe, fun trip! Thank you for the blessings in our lives, our health, wealth, sobriety, the over-abundnace of goodness. And, Thank You for allowing me to see it from time to time, even thought it's always there. Thank You for my new nephew Nathan, born Thursday afternoon. My sister-in law and everyone are very healthy and glad to have him among us! Thank You for opening my eyes through the various messengers You've sent me whether they be authors, priests, friends, family... thanks... I pray that I can be a messenger for Your Good News as well!
God's peace be with you all!


Scott W said...

I am here to tell ya, page 11 in Conversations with God changed my life. I also read an article in yesterday's Houston Chronicle where five religious scholars were asked what was wrong with religion today, and 4 out of 5 said it was, to many, their religion is the only way and become exclusionary.

Scott said...

I agree with you Scott, that religions tend to grow more and more exclusionary, as if their path to God is the only one. I am convinced that it simply doesn't work like that. And I am Catholic, lol! Some Catholics can be some of the biggest exclusionaries there are!

Mary Christine said...

Glad to see you're back!

Trudging said...

I love those picture of the RR bridge. WV is buetiful!