Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Ok, so nothing great happened today, nothing awful happened or well didn't happen, yet I am thrilled to death at the prospect of getting up and doing it again tomorrow! Life is good, all good things are in abundance we just need to ask, seek and be set to receive them with much gratitude!

Tonite, we had a new newcomer at home group. Too bad the old newcomer wasn't there, he could've realized how awesome it feels to have a newcomer in the meeting! Although I seem to recall that it was a let down not to be the center of attention when a new newcomer came around! lol

I am inspired to live better... I am seeing myself growing closer to HP, the more I visualize the goodness in my life today. I am pleased as punch to be Catholic, and a non-exclusionary Catholic at that. I am tickled to death to know that other people have other meaningful ways of achieving greatness that are nothing like mine and are in fact sometimes quite contradictory. I am so grateful for this level of openmindedness God has seen fit to lay on me.

I am grateful as hell to be a member of AA and know that there are other means by which people get sober. I am just glad I found the one that works for me and can share it with people who want sobriety.

I am grateful for my wife and my son and our dog, our fish, the used 55 gallon tank/aquarium I bought today to feed my multiple tank syndrome (addiction)(and the smokin deal I got on it!!). I am grateful that I know in my heart of hearts that everything is going to be as God wants it to be, and if I choose God's Will, my life will be incredibly abundant and most excellent and furthermore, I can share that with others too! Iam grateful to be at peace today, to be happy for no particular outside induced reason. I know that it's because I am closer to being the person Iwas intended to be. I am living more inline with what I am suppsoed to be doing. I am grateful too that I have a long way to go and a long time to get there and that I am furthermore supposed to be enjoying the ride!

Prayer for today...

see above!!

love you guys!


Pam said...

that was a GREAT post. I just needed someone to point out to me this morning that "everything is going to be as God wants it to be". I do know this...but sometimes I forget, until someone reminds me. HEY..that someone was YOU today.

Scott said...

Pam, I am so happy you told me that! I love helping people!

Trudging said...

Oh man I love those meetings with newcomers. And wow, what a list.

sober Chick said...

Your energy is through the ROOF! Dang, I am amped up now cuz of you. :)

I love how you write about the newcomer, and the old newcomer, seems like there is always someone out there in need yes?

Keep on riding this, for it is a great exciting wave.


Mary Christine said...

Enjoying the ride... that is 99% of the deal.