Friday, August 17, 2007

up and at 'em

It's up and off to my breakfast Optimist Club meeting. It's one of the main highlights of my week! We have a great bunch of guys that love to get together and have fun. The mission is to help the youth of our community and we have a ball doing it!

Our town festival is this weekend: lots of naughty but good "festival food"; lots and lots of fun people watching, lol; bingo!; money spent on goofy junky fun stuff; our dance band plays; the Saturady morning Chili Cook-Off yum!; the parade; watching Ian go insane riding rides, playing games and getting over tired; hanging out with friends (and my wife, of course); working in the food tent Sunday nite manning the grill (burgers, brats n dogs). I still have fond memories of going to the County Fair as a kid, doing all that stuff, staying out late, the lites on the midway, the smells, etc. Tha's what I love about our cheesy little town fest. Oh sure, there is 24/7 beer drinking and all the moronic stuff that goes with it. But, the whole thing will make for a great memory growing up for Ian and us. And, I don't have to be one of those "too-much-beer-drinking-did-I-make-an-ass-of-myself" people!

placing myself in the presence of God...

Thank You for keeping me sober, and for the Optimist Club. Thanks for my family, our festival, the great little rural town we live in. I pray fro Your Will and Grace for Krista, Tab and her G-Parents, MC and her son, adjusting to normalcy, for my marrige, family, peeps in and outta recovery. God, please help me get through the major changes that are coming along, the new job, getting ready to teach 8th Grade CCD, so forth... Thanks for a great life!

may the peace of Christ be with you all!


Anonymous said...

how cool to no longer be one of "those people." lol

Sorry I haven't been over to your blog of late. Studies have kept me from such things as blogging, reading the news, and sleeping in late... all of which I will be catching up on for the next 14 days. Neat, eh?

take care, Scott

Pam said...

I think that sounds like soooo much fun !!!

Mary Christine said...

That sounds like things I remember from my childhood (in Ohio). What wonderful memories. Glad Ian will have them too! And thanks for your prayers. I really appreciate them.