Tuesday, September 18, 2007

is there anybody out there?

lol, I don't wanna be a big ole' whiner or anything, but I sure do miss the days when visitors left comments, lol. or well, when people visited, period lol. Of course, I have always tried to remember that if I wrote stuff that interested people or maybe that pissed them off, more people would visit and comment. But sometimes, I feel it necessary to whine. I love attention, you see! Enough of that... I blog for me, it feels good to write and share, that's the main thing.

I have got my first loan approved at the bank, should close in early October, that's kool. And I have another nice big one to do already for Oct as well. Man, that's exciting cuz I am not really officially up and running yet! I may hopefully make some commission bucks over and above what they give me during the first 4 mos while I am getting up and running. A little bonus cash would be nice. We have some debt to get rid of... So far, it's a lot of new information to digest, but it's all going well, and I have an excellent boss!

Tomorrow nite, I re-become a teacher. I went to college to become a teacher. I taught in public schools through college and grad school. I just got done doing band camp at my local high school. Why am I so darn nervous? I guess cuz I am teaching religion, in a classroom setting. I am so new to the Catholic Church, why am I teaching 8th graders about their childhood faith? Well, the main reason I agreed to do this was because I am just so eager to learn more, and share my enthusiasm with anyone who will listen. I just don't want to get my hopes up too high, regarding the kids' reactions to being in class, to my enthusiasm, etc. So, I have been praying, I wrote my lesson plan over the weekend, planned for more material than we could possibly cover in an hour, prayed, asked for guidance, and I plan to pray a Rosary and re-read thru my materials tonite. I guess that's all I can do, other than look forward to a wonderful experience for me, and hopefully for my kids.

placing myself in God's presence...

God, thanks for an awesome, sober day! If it weren't for Your wondrous miracle of sobriety, my life would be lost. God, please help me help a kid find their way to You. Help me share my love for You and Your only son. Please help me remember that I am here to serve you and those around me.

peace to you all!


Pam said...

I'm still here...what am I, chopped liver?? :)
I think your enthusiasm is going to be contagious to your students. I would LOVE to be in your class. Let us know how it goes.

catholicandgop said...

I read, I just never have anything cool to say. :)

ukok said...

Praying for you, Scott, as you begin to teach CCD!

Gwen said...

Sorry I have not been around more. My life seems to fill up so darn quickly.

John went to school to teach but never got into it. Mostly because his advisor suggested he didn't. Yikes! He is needed elsewhere right?

I admire all of you who step up to teach religion in church. Reid is starting J2A (Journey 2 Adulthood) and they have a full plate of curriculum they are teaching.

God Bless~


Scott W said...

You're teaching OCD? lol