Sunday, September 09, 2007

off to New Joisey

Well, I hit the dusty trail for NJ this afternoon, we fly out of Dayton around 5 pm. The HQ for the Retail Home Finance Division of my bank/employer is in Iselin. And so it is there I go to be trained some more. JPMC Bank is serious about training lol! I am glad, cuz there's a ton of stuff to learn! I guess I am a little nervous about this trip in particular, what with the recent video relased by the main adversary of our country and the approaching grim anniversary on Tuesday. On one hand I am hesitant to be anywhere near NYC on Tuesday and on the other hand I can't get there soon enough to be with them as they remember that awful day in our county's history. I will fly with faith and show no fear. I refuse to allow them to take away my peace and freedom to move about in my own country. We'll be there from Sun eve until Thursday eve and I plan to take the train into NYC at least one evening while we're there. I've never been anywhere near NYC so it will be interesting to see the place. I might even seek out a local meeting in NJ, as I love to visit AA in places around the country. I love to travel and I love to return home!

Yesterday morning was a spirit filled morning indeed... I began with my men's prayer group at church, then it was off to the jail meeting which was awesome... I got home and cut the grass, ahead of the torrential rains we got, contacted a customer for a new refi loan, hung out with my family the rest of the day in advance of leaving town for a few days. It was a real nice day! Ian and I played together all afternoon, watched football (what the hell is going on with my Michigan Wolverines??, time for the head coach to consider retirement... worst start since 1959, hello!!) At least my Wisconsin badgers won!!! They are most important anyhow lol. Well, it was a really nice day :-) I should start each morning with a couple hrs of prayer, scripture discussion, 12X12 stepwork/discussion and fellowship, lol.

prayer for today...

God, I come to You this morning to praise and glorify You for all Your wondrous love and creation. I give you Thanks for my sobriety, health and all the blessings You bestow upon my family and me. Thank You for ever reminding me that everything good comes from You and that I am here to serve You and those about me. Please keep me safe on this trip. Please be with my grandma and keep her close family at her side. I will be with You this morning at Mass and will celebrate Your greatest gift of all with the Eucharist, Your Son Jesus. Thank You for your ultimate revelation in Him. I pray that I am worthy to receive You today with an open heart and a peaceful mind.

peace be with you all...


vicariousrising said...

New Jersey! I used to live there. I've been to Iselin, but not to any meetings around there.

I understand your hesitancy to be around NJ/NYC at 9/11 time -- we were hit very hard then. Last year was my first time sober and meetings on that day were very poignant. Even here in upstate NY, there is a woman who was a survivor of one of the World Trade Center buildings. She is still struggling with memories of watching people jump out of windows.

I found going to meetings on that day really wonderful for me, spiritually. I think it might be that way for you too. The people from that part of the country really need help unburdening themselves. Something tells me that you being there to listen would do a world of good.

Gwen said...

Hey Scott,

I am guessing you are in Jersey now. I don't know the Iselin area. I am sure there are great meetings there someplace. Am wondering if you are still going in to NY today. It probably is a good day to do it. High alert most likely. I am sure you will see many memorials going on all over.

Do you have a car while in town??

arahman7 said...

I hope everything is alright with you, Scott.

Have a great weekend.

Mary Christine said...

Can't wait to hear about your trip.