Tuesday, September 25, 2007

the power of prayer

Mt 18:19-20 "Again, (amen), I say to you, if two of you agree on earth about anything for which you are about to pray, it will be granted to them by my heavenly Father. For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them."

For a long time now, probably almost 11 yrs (about 8 months into my recovery) I have believed in the power of praying to my HP. Now, my HP has evolved over the years from the men in AA who showed me how to live a day at a time sober; to God, most often felt and present in nature to the current place on my spiritual/faith journey, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. I have always believed in God in one form or another, in fact I can remember as a grade school kid praying to God that I might catch fish while fishing, or for some good grades or no homework in school (those never quite worked out...). Of course now-a-days, my prayer has changed. I spend alot more time with prayers of praise, prayers of gratitude, prayers of intercession and of course prayers of petition.

Thankfully, AA taught me to pray only for God's (HP) Will, not for things specific to me. The scripture passage is especially comforting to me... If I/we pray together in God's (Jesus/HP/Holy Spirit) name, He will be among us and grant us our petition. So, at the beginning and the end of each meeting, He is among us, dwelling in the hearts of those present. Anytime we share fellowship, and offer a blessing or a prayer of thanksgiving, He is among us, answering our call in His time and way. For time has no place in God's world, there is only "is." I believe that all we have to do is seek God's Will, give Him thanks, praise His Glorious Love and ask for His Love, Forgiveness and Hope, and our prayers are answered.

We always seem to get what we need, not always what we want... is this by coincidence? We think not.

placing myself in the presence of God...

Heavenly Father, please grant me the Grace to stay sober and share in Your Blessings just for today. I pray that I might be mindful of those around me who need help, and be willing to offer that help gladly. Please help me remember my place in life as Your servant. I ask Your Blessing upon my grandma, let me be a comfort to her. I ask Your blessing upon our leaders that they might come to peaceful resolutions of the conflicts in this world. I praise Your presence in AA, Your healing Grace touching each of us as we share recovery in your name, by whatever name people know You.

peace be with you all!


Sober Chick said...

Hey you.

Very good post. Your Faith is so strong. I can sure use some of that. Not sure where I went wrong but have lost mine. Am still searching, trying to do the right thing.

Thanks for this reminder:

We always seem to get what we need, not always what we want... is this by coincidence? We think not.

Mary Christine said...

You have a very special voice in the blogosphere and I am glad you are here.

Sober Steve said...

thanks my brother. You kept me trucking on..

peace hugs and kisses

Pam said...

thanks Scott.