Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Happy Birthday Ian!

What a nice relaxing weekend... campfire talks, sleeping all morning on Saturday, a 90 minute canoe ride: just me, the lake, some softshell turtles, ducks, a heron and beautiful weather. We played poker Sat nite and I only lost $10 bucks. All in all I would say we had a great retreat. On Sunday morning we have a meeting out in the woods, in this neat little outdoor chapel. On Sat nite we have a lead, and during the day Saturday they have various panels, discussing various topics in recovery. The rest of the time is fellowship, prayer, meditation, whatever ya want. I did a great deal of quiet, alone time over the weekend to simply recharge, reflect, etc. I didn't really go up there with any other purpose, other than to rest, reflect and pray. There was a man there I hadn't seen since I moved from Toledo in 1998. He was one of those long-timers that really made an impression on me, a guy I followed around a bit like a puppy, lol. He was the speaker for the Sat nite lead, and wow what a treat getting to se him nearly 10 yrs later... All in all, a great time, yay!

We left early Sunday in order so I could get home in time to do Ian's birthday party with his 12 little friends. My wife had the yard and garage all done up, and the kids had a ball. I can tell you this... 12 screaming insane little 5-6 yr olds are a far cry from a small unheated adirondack cabin in the woods all weekend! But, I am glad I got home in time to enjoy and help out!

Yesterday was my wife's 8th AA birthday, gother a nice card, and a new Webkin to adopt... She had almost forgotten about it... I don't like ta hear that, lol!

Today is Ian's 6th birthday! I cannot believe how time has flown! We'll have cake, ice cream and presents from us, his granny and aunt, and his Godparents. My parents will be coming by later on in the week to visit him. I just simply cannot believe how much he has grown! And of course, I have mandatory FHA training in Dayton today so I will have to break all land speed records to get home... It never fails lol!

prayer for today...

HP, thanks for my sobriety.... for my son, my wife and her recovery. I pray for Your Will and Grace for all my friends from this weekend's retreat, especially the new guys in recovery. Please direct my thinking today, that I may not be dihonest, that I might remember I am Your servant. Help us to make this a great birthday for Ian! Help me learn today in training, and have a positive attitude about it.

may the peace of Christ be with you all!


ukok said...

Happy Birthday to Ian!!!

Gwen said...

It all sounds so wonderful. The gifts of sobriety. Great stuff Scott.

Have a wonderful day!

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dAAve said...

Happy Birthday Ian!!!