Thursday, January 24, 2008


Last nite we officially began our Confirmation prep for our 8th graders. We went over a lot of material, had a little activity, some laughs and some sharing. It's so hard to get those 8th graders to come out of their shells and share. Little by little they are coming around. And of course, there's the giggling and the boys screwing around trying to be funny... I am so glad I chose this grade, or well, this grade chose me. I was going to go for HS kids, but their classes meet during my home group... not so good lol.
If ya would, please help me and pray for my kids enlightenment, peace and growth and solid, young adults!

For those of you into fishkeeping, I posted a couple posts of new pics to my fishkeeping blog Ian and I went out and picked up a new Betta, named Teddy, and he is pretty groovy looking. Stop by and say hi!

The newbies to our homegroup have become a pillar of the meeting and we had a nice little small group last nite, discussing the importance of meetings and staying in contact with one another... It was what I like to think of as a real "nuts and bolts" "brass tacks" "meat and potatoes" sorta meeting. Yay! It's good to see newcomers getting settled in and beginning to share their relief!

peace to you all!

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