Sunday, May 18, 2008

misc stuff!

Well, it's 4X4 Jamboree time once again! Ian and I are returning to the fairgrounds to watch Monster Trucks, Mud Buggys and all kinds of big 4X4 trucks. Needless to say, he is overflowing with energy this morning! It looks like all the rainy weather has blown through and we just might be in the clear!

It's been a big weekend for Ian, yesterday his Scout Pack went to watch the Dayton Dragons play baseball... They play in a really nice ballpark in downtown Dayton. It ended up being a nice sunny day by the time the game was halfway over and fun was had by all...

Last Saturday I did a day long training session for Cub Scouts so I guess I am officially my son's Den Leader... And here a month ago or so, Scouting was the furthest thing from my mind lol. Actually, I am really pretty excited about the whole deal. The Scouts are a fine organization and I think Ian and I will get alot out of Scouting together.

We finished Oprah's New Earth webcast series and now we've downloaded all of them in order to go back through them together. I didn't start watching them until session 6 I think, so I missed a bunch. So far, it's been an eye-opening spiritual experience, and goes quite nicely with what I am learning in the Church and in AA.

We got the 55 gallon fish tank up and running, cycled and with some new fish. It's pretty awesome really... I am really glad Ian got me into this hobby!!

My only regret with all that I have going on is that my garden is suffering. I haven't even tilled yet and have barely kept up with the growing grass. I am hoping to get the tractor fired up this week and get it tilled so I can at least get my tomatoes in the ground!

Peace be with all of you!


Mary Christine said...

And also with you.

You will be a great scout leader. Thank God Ian has a sober daddy!

♣§hannon♥ said...

I agree with MC... You sound good Scott! hope you have an excellent day

Adrienne said...

You will be great!!!! ....but - you MUST get those tomatoes in. What is summer without real tomatoes???

Sober Steve said...

Hey my sober Brother, have missed our conversions going back and forth. I haven't bloged in a long time. My new sponsor siad until I can be honest with him and myself, I shouldn't blog. He is worried I'm trying to build my self confindence the wrong way. I need to talk face to face with other about my problems, not to a key board.

Anyways just wanted to say HI. I'm giving it away, what I have learned, and you where right it does get better,,hang in the,,

Peace my sober friend
Sober Steve