Monday, June 02, 2008

a change in focus

A record lending month for my career in May! I broke both my volume and my # of loans records this month. Damn, that feels nice! It's good to finally be knocking out some strong loan volume! Now the key is to not only keep it going, but to build on it and grow the business further. I'm really pleased, but not yet satisfied...

Normally this time of year finds me toiling to get my flowers planted and my garden in. But, with the changes that come along as a result of my job change late last summer, and my son's progression into kindergarden, I have a lot on my plate. So, I scrapped the garden this year. I'll be focussing more on work, lesson planning for CCD this fall, Cub Scouts Den Leader, the Board of my local YMCA, T-Ball and the honey do list. The garden and golf are taking a back seat.

It has all the trappings of a period of growth, change, all that jazz. There's just something different going on with me. My prayer life has suffered some. My church attendance has suffered some as has meeting attendace. So, one vital thing that needs to happen is I need to pay more attention to my spritual life. Everything in my life is built on a foundation of prayer and spiritual growth. If I have any aspriations of growing, being successful and adding more stuff to my plate, I am going to have to attend to my spiritual needs first and foremost (hence the return to posting lol).

So, the more the focus changes, the more the foundation needs to stay the same...

peace to you all, and thanks to all you verterans and your families!

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dAAve said...

Double CONGRATS on the business records. I know that must be very very satisfying for you.
Keep coming back.