Tuesday, July 15, 2008

go see it

Well, last evening was our first Den 1 Tiger Cub "Go See It" outing. We all met at the Fire Dept in town for a tour. The boys got to see all the trucks including our rescue squad. One of the Paramedics showed the kids a bunch of equipment on the squad and they got to run the lights and sirens. We also took them over to the Police Dept for a quick tour and a look at the police cruiser. Needless to say, that was one excited bunch of 6-7 yr old boys!

Well, so far the new perennials are looking nice. I moved my blue hydrangea from behind a bunch of tall summer lillies in another bed to the front beds where we can enjoy them. I also picked up some black-eyed susans, some purple coneflowers and Ian even got intot he act, picking out some sort of lilly looking tall slender plant with tall pink flower clusters on it. I have no clue what it is, lol. But, the front of the house is starting to show some signs of life and color!

Yesterday, I sent a cover letter and resume to a local university in hopes of possibly being contracted to teach a class or two as an adjunct instructor. I don't guess they would dare to use the word professor in my case lol. I am not sure how I will carve out the time necessary to do it, but then again, I haven't a clue yet what the schedule might look like. So, rather than just blow it off without even looking into it, I decided to just send them my info and see what happens. We could surely use the extra cash (not that there's any such thing as extra, these days...) since it's been determined that I am the only person suitable within my household who can hold down a job (or two..) No resentment there...

Heaevnly Father, thank You for this day and all it might bring. I pray that I might remember that I am here to serve You and those around me, placing myself third. I know that I have been sober for quite some time now,a ndI know that if I do today what I did yesterday, I'll be ok. However, I know too that I still need You to help me with that. So, please help me to carry a good message to whomever might need it, and let me be a good example of what Your Will can do in someone's life.

peace to you all...

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Scott W said...

Glad you are enjoying the gardening. I did so much yard work as a kid that I NEVER want a part of that, ever again.