Sunday, April 05, 2009


Well, a little different type of recovery than I am used to...

I had a bad infection going on and had to have minor/major surgery on Thursday to take care of it. It was major enough to require me to be knocked out but minor enough to go home that day. It was major enough to require a "wound vac" that I wear 24/7 that helps the wound heal (it's really deep). This thing is a pain and it requires me to stay home (boooring) but it sure beats being really bad off, and in the hospital. They gave me a bunch of antibiotics (2 IV during surgery) and a bunch of pills for at home, and some Vicodin for pain. I only had to take 2 Vicodin one time, right after the procedure and I am already back to just taking the occasional ibuprofen. I didn't want to mess arounb with the Vicodin any longer than was necessary. And I made sure I took it as directed (actually, just barely enough to stay ahead of the pain) and that my wife knew how much I was taking... Ya can't be too careful with the fragility of sobriety!

I guess I am going to be stuck at home for a week or two but it sure beats the hospital and serious health issues, so I am really grateful for that. It's just weird not being able to do much of anything. It is nice being out of the doggone bank, I REALLY needed a break holy crap... And oddly enough my work laptop died Wed evening as I was trying to wrap things up before Thursday's surgery. So, Fri I shipped it to the tech peeps, will get it back Tuesday so I can at least work from home).

So, that's about all that is going on here with me. I guess I needed a break lol Thanks for the prayers and comments, they are very much appreciated!

peace to you all!


Steve E. said...

Scott, you were one of the first bloggers to comment on my new blog in July, 2008. Your support and that of others is why I'm still here.

I'm sure sorry to read that you are having an unwanted vacation with what sounds like a serious infection.

Maybe you can at least blog, when your computer comes back on Tuesday. Why work when you can blog?

Get well quickly.

Mike Golch said...

Scott,I can relate to needing a break from the job.

dAAve said...

Glad you're OK Scott. Take it easy and you'll be back to par in no time.

Sober Steve said...

Scott Take care my friend, just remember that you were on a whole lot sicker than you are today.

That care..