Tuesday, September 29, 2009

service and faith


I gotta remember that it's all about being of service to God and to those around me. If I can remember that, and take that attitude into all my affairs today, I am already a success. Thinking of others helps me keep from focussing so much on what I think I need, or on what I don't have, or on what others are thinking of me. Placing myself in a position of service helps me to not be so self centered. And if it's one thing I've learned in AA it's that my self centered nature is at the root of many of my drinking/drugging related issues. Heck, that IS the root of my problems, ME!

If I have the faith (in my heart of hearts) that God will see that I am well provided for, I can get on about serving those around me, and doing His Will. It's really just that simple, I need to have, develop, share, exercise my faith in God. It always boils down to faith, or so it seems. I know that for every 4th Step I've written and 5th Step I've shared, the overriding conclusion I have come to is that fear (or lack of faith) is at the root of my negative behaviors and traits. For me to know that about myself is so important. Now, I know! All I need to do is have faith and act on that faith, share that faith, help others have faith. That to me, is one of the greatest forms of service, to help others get/have faith. That must be why AA works so well to arrest our disease. We come here with no faith, others with faith share it with us in so many various ways that we can ultimately begin to cultivate our own faith and are then saved as a result.

So today, I pray that I carry an attitude of service with me wherever I go. I pray that I can share that attitude of service in faith that God will take care of me. I pray that I can share my gratitude with someone else. I pray that God will be with my list of people who are struggling today with various issues, He knows who they are and they are many. I pray that I might be the presence of peace wherever I go today, that I am fit to carry God's Message into the world.

peace to you all...

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