Saturday, October 10, 2009

saturday with "time to kill"

I slept in this morning, all the way to 8 am... We don't have soccer until 11:00. Yesterday, I came home after half a work day feeling run down and a bit yucky. I think my week caught up with me. Since I worked Oktoberfest nearly all weekend, I made an "executive decision" to come home and spend the rest of yesterday being a bum. Hopefully, I've staved off any major illness lol. I do feel rested, even though I've awoken with one of those gnarly sinus headaches. Some ibuprofen, coffee and raisin toast should handle that...

That's the one thing about the new job, it's a busy one at times. Lots of events and things going on that I need to help out with or be at. But still, it's way better than the last gig... There's nowehere near the stress like there was at the bank. I am liking that.

...some gratitude this morning perhaps?

for hot coffee and raisin toast with "butter" (or a more healthy butter substitute lol)
for cool fall mornings filled with laughing and running 2nd and 3rd graders chasing a soccer ball
for a simple peace in my heart this morning, facing another sober and smoke free day
for the list of things I can do to assure my freedom, found over on Syd's Blog this morning
for the fact that Syd is "spot on" correct, those things he listed gave me my freedom
for some "time to kill" this morning before I "have" to be anywhere (I'll play some Wii with Ian)
for some wonderful blogs to read while I wake up this morning

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