Sunday, November 08, 2009

first one up...

I love being first one up... The house is quiet, the coffee is fresh and Cosmo is all mine. We have a routine whereby I let her out, start the coffee, read a couple blogs, reflect, pour a cup, let her in, feed her and then come back to blog and enjoy my first cup. Any moment now (once she finishes wolfing down her breakfast), Cosmo will come blasting through the door to my office and be her usually messy intense self (the kind of doggie only a Parson Russell Terrier owner can love) and demand my attention. Then I will finish this post and read on.

(now she's dashing from one end of our home to the other, making sure everyone is awake...)

This morning, our musicians are going to play at Mass in the next down down the road. It's fun when we play over there since they worship in a HUGE German Gothic style Catholic Church. The sound in there is amazing because of the size of the nave/sanctuary... It will be really awesome! There's just something different about celebrating Mass in such a church.

I had better get my butt on the "honey-dos" today. I have some leaves to suck up in the front yard, and those doggone shed doors to hang lol. The weather appears to be mild, sunny again today and I know it won't last much longer.

Last evening my wife and I attended the Annual Rotary Club Charity Auction. I joined Rotary not long after taking over at the Chamber, it kinda goes with the job. Well, this was "fancy night out" for the adults, lots of good food, LOTS of drinking and a good time. Lots of money was raised I think, although we didn't bid on anything. We're too damn poor lol. The Chamber Director guy doesn't make much money and my wife chooses not to work outside the home becasue she's convinced she cannot handle a job. So, we were happily spectating. It felt comfortable to just be me and have no worries, no fear or apprehension about being around all these "important" townsfolk, around all the drinking and carrying on. It felt good to be a part of things in our community without having to have some sort of ego trip going on. It was a peaceful, relaxing evening for me. Now, my wife, not so much. She doesn't do social stuff, and is always concerned that someone doesn't like her, doesn't approve of us, is looking down on us, all that nonsense. So, I rather imagine she had a stressful time of it. Normally, she just stays away from social events and settings whenever possible. I hope she can find a way someday to get over all those fears and apprehensions because they eat her up, and affect how she lives her life every day. It makes it very difficult sometimes for her to enjoy her life and get through a simple day. I pray for her and try to be encouraging and accepting of her.

I can tell you this, being married and being a dad are two of the most difficult things I have ever tried to do successfully.


Lou said...

This reminds me of my husband. He hates social events. He goes to my work Christmas party because he knows he HAS to.
I do my part by not leaving him alone too much, and leaving early. I'm glad I stopped trying to change him many years ago.

Madison said...

It's kind of ironic that someone riddled with social fear would be married to someone with a job like yours. It's got to be your wife's worst nightmare. Poor thing. Sort of funny though. Sorry, I have a sick sense of humor.

Scott said...

Madison lol, it's just kinda how it has all unfolded over the past ten years... I wasn't always as socially active as I am today.

enchantedoak said...

Have we been to the same fancy evening fundraisers? Sounds so familiar to me! Isn't it wonderful we can be around all that jazz and be part of without getting drunk?
My husband's like your wife. Like Lou, I don't leave him alone very much and we leave sort of early. And sometimes I spare him, go alone and have a great time by myself. Mutual respect works pretty well in a marriage.
Chris A

Syd said...

I used to hate social events because my wife would get drunk on most of them. I now go alone to a few as she doesn't want to go. I could care less about big parties. I like the occasional oyster roast which is much more my style. Maybe your wife would benefit from Al-Anon.