Friday, November 06, 2009

saying thanks...

Frosty, cold, crisp Ohio autumn morning here... It's simple beautiful outside! While I am more into the warmer seasons, today sure makes a great case for fall, lol. I do love the change of seasons, but warmth is something I cherish lol.

It's Friday... I'm glad! It's been a hectic week but a good one. Last evening I (and my admin asst who is quite indispensable) hosted our first ever business after hours. in fact, she'd enver even been to one. We had over 50 folks show up, gave away lots of nice door prizes, ate some really good food (I was too busy "working the room" to eat much lol) and lots of folks had plenty of adult beverages (too busy being sober to both with that, lol), hung out in the bar/lounge of a really nice Italian restaurant in town and everyone had a great time. We bid a fond farewell to the outgoing Director of the Chamber and that was that. Once that wrapped up I had to hit a rehearsal for our swing band. We're preparing a Christmas program for a show in a few weeks. (more on that another time)

This morning I get to do one of my favorite things in connexion with my job. I get to go on the local classic rock radio station and hang out for a few minutes with the morning show guys. I did this a few weeks ago, and found out that I really enjoy doing radio. It's fun! So, I am looking forward to my 5-10 minutes there. Last time, I brought them some Chamber of Commerce coffee mugs. I think today, we'll upgrade to a dozen donuts (maybe minus one or two by the time I get there, lol). Then, the rest of the day will be spent in hibernation in my office, wading through all the menial reporting and prep for my board meeting next week.

If you see a US Veteran, please tell them thank you. Veteran's Day is coming up next Wednesday 11/11/09. I think we often forget how expensive our freedom is in this country. So please, if you see one of those guys wearing a WWII naval hat, or a coat, pin or shirt that might signfy military service, please look them dead in the eye and let them know how much their service and sacrifice means to you. I've gotten into the habit of doing that when I bump into someone I think might have served. You'd be amazed at the response you'll get. These folks put their lives on the line so we can enjoy the quality of life we have in this country.

In my humble opinion, every day ought to be Veteran's Day. So, to you Veterans out there who come by and read my blog, I say thanks so much for what you've done for us! God Bless you who've served, and may the Lord keep those who've fallen and given their earthly lives to the service of our Great Republic.

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Syd said...

Thanks for that great reminder about the Veterans. Have a great Friday.