Saturday, December 19, 2009

Whew day 3, still feeling pretty rough and my wife spent the entire day in bed yesterday with something similar. Her stomach hurt worse, it sounds like but then she drank for years and years and years. So, I think she caused herself some damage. When she gets a stomach bug, she gets it hard. She seems to be feeling beter this morning but we're both still feeling pretty rough lol. This too shall pass, ya?

While she was in bed, I was on the couch, Ian was at a friends house playing most of the evening. It gave me a wonderful opportunity to have a long, long text chat with Kayla. I had sent her a couple chicken soup for the teen's and girl's soul books and a journal for Christmas and she had texted me to say thanks. We ended up talking most of the evening via text and covered alot of good ground so that was really nice.

Right now I am sitting at the Chamber office bored out of my skull. I'd much rather behome in bed, lol. But, we are open on Saturdays leading up to Christmas so we can sell Chamber Gift Certificates. So far, this is the 3rd Saturday I have been in here, not a single customer. Isn't that spayshul? Later on Ian and I need to get out and get some Christmas running done. I think I am going to buy my wife and me a married couples meditation/reflection book for Christmas. Ian and I have not gotten anything for my wife yet so we gotta get on that. We need to do that soon as we are heading for West Virginia on Tuesday to visit her family for Christmas. We'll probably be there until the Monday after Christmas. We're supposed to try a bit of skiing while we're there and my wife was hoping they would have snow. Um, maybe she's to blame for this nasty winter storm rolling through there this weekend, lol? It looks as if we'll have snow lol.

God, just for today, help me not to feel so damn blue. I know there are times when we just have to press forward through the shit and "trudge the road..." but I am anxious to be feeling better emotionally. I offer myself to You entirely in hopes of finding peace again in my heart. Help me to be a good dad and great husband just for today. Thank You for our blessings, please be with Kayla and thank You for bringing her back into my life.


The Turning Point said...

Hey, pray you and your wife get better soon.
I would like to suggest a book that has been really great for daily reading together. We read from it as part of our "quiet time" together. _Love and Awakening by John Welwood.
A number of other couples in our Recovering Couples Anonymous group also endorse it and his other books.

God bless and hang in there.


enchantedoak said...

Just dropping in, praying your prayer with you, keep trudging, my friend.

Syd said...

It sounds good. It's a hard time of year for many. Be gentle with yourself.