Friday, February 05, 2010

TGIF, it's been an "uber" busy week and it's showing no signs of letting up! (which is pretty well fine with me)

We're in for our first significant snowfall of the year beginning later on this morning. It looks like Ian and I will have to bust out the shovels this year after all, ugh lol. By the time this mess pulls out of here they are forecasting 6-10" for us here in Ohio. That's a significant snowfall here. Where I grew up in western NY state, that was just an afternoon thing, no big deal lol. I am glad we left all that snow and nonsense behind lol. I am getting too old for this! (yea, you snow area people can call me a whimp, I am fine with that lol)

It's been a long time since I have had to get to a meeting to keep myself sober. I am so bloody grateful for that. My obsession has been removed. God continues to remove my obession and I continue to do the behaviours necessary to not reactivate the "beast." Now I go to meetings to deal with the things in my life that could ultimately lead me back down the road to active addiction and alcoholism. Now I go to meetings to remind myself of what happens when people get too close to "the edge of the bed" and get away from the fellowship. Now I go to meetings to learn how to apply the principles of recovery to my daily life.

I think maybe I might try the noon meeting today, I haven't been to a meeting since last Friday, in an effort to separate myself from some of the nonsensical drama that's been taking place here. But, the thing is... I never will allow anyone to keep me from the rooms of AA. And, I have a responsibility to be in meetings and be the best example of AA I can be, for the newcomers. Unless some newcomer dumps some sobriety threatening nonsense on the table, I plan to bring up a Step, probably number 2, for discussion today. There's been a lot of opinionated dialogue around that table lately regarding stuff that isn't really directly in line with our primary purpose. So, I think a nice Higher Power/insanity/open mindedness discussion would be worthwhile, especially since we have several folks attending who are under a year sober. I know I could benefit from a few early AA reminder! So, not that I have a design to go in there and "fix" anything but I can at least do my best to make it a productive meeting that helps us all stay sober for an hour.

Have a great day folks!

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