Saturday, May 29, 2010

Well, the office move is under way. We got occupancy Wednesday afternoon and it's been a blur of boxes and shelving and stuff in my Kia Sorrento for two and a half days. Yesterday, we moved our "new" office furniture from my garage into the new office. So, now we finish sorting, throwing away, consolidating, packing and moving the remainder of the offiec stuff over the course of this coming week. Thursday afternoon we'll "disconnect" and move computers and phones Friday. Our first official day will be Monday June 7th. I am going to be relieved to have this move behind us, that's for sure. It's a lot of work and dust and what not, while we continue to keep the office running like "normal." So far it's going really well...

This weekend we'll head to buy a new stove, ours is way past shot. We've accumulated a bunch of gift cards so it will not cost us anything, you have to love that! It will be nice to have a stove/oven that works properly lol.

It will be important for me to get to meetings this week upcoming. I have lots of change, lots of confusiona nd chaos and lots of stuff going on all at once. This would be a great opportunity for me to allow character defects to run amuck and just blame my schedule. I need to be honest with Scott, work my program and not get all frazzle fried. AA taught me this. AA also taught me to take things one day at a time. So, I plan to enjoy our 3 day weekend and pray for our soldiers and veterans.

I hope you all enjoy your Holiday weekend and take time to relfect on our freedom and the people who've given their lives so that we might enjoy ours.

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Syd said...

It was a great weekend. I am tired but it is a good tired. Lots of sailing and lots of good times.