Wednesday, June 09, 2010

More rain.... whewee! I'm getting webbed feet, methinks. Our night game under the lights was shortened by rain but at least the boys got to go play a bit under the lights. That was kool, even if the weather was miserable.

I'm praying for the folks in NW Ohio who were affected by the tornados. I lived in that part of the state growing up and my immediate family and many friends are all living there. In fact, my first AA home group meets in the small town that was hit by the tornado. I still cannot believe the devastation and loss of life. I feel for the folks who were impacted but I'm grateful that my family is ok. The tornado jumped right over my uncle's place. He has homes destroyed around him yet his was untouched.

It's Step 6 month, kids! Are YOU entirely ready to God remove your defects of character? Have you been fearless, thorough, honest and realistic in your inventory? Did you take the time to gain perspective by sharing your inventory with a sponsor or spiritual advisor? For my part, I still have a few objectionable behaviours I am less than willing to part with. Overall however, I am ready and have been for years. The "improvement of me" has been a process... I've prayed, written, asked God, pleaded with Him, bargained with Him. I've bent the ear of many an AA and even a priest or three. Self improvement has come slowly but consistently because I've come to a place in life where I am ENTIRELY ready to be rid of some of my glaring defects of character.

It's been my experience that my willingness makes it possible for God to work His miracle of healing in my life. I practice the suggestions I'm given in AA and in church adn the result is I become a better person. When I do my best to seek and follow God's Will, He gives me the things I need to follow Him. I merely need to choose and be entirely ready to follow through. While Step 6 appears to be more about a state of being than an action Step, I sill think there's alot of action invloved in being entirely ready to make a positive change in my life.


drybottomgirl said...

Glad your family and friends were spared. Yes, you hit it on the head, being entirely ready is an action. I appreciate your honesty that this has been an ongoing process for you. It will be for me too. Taking a look at your defects, and saying that you are ready to have them removed is easy, however they have been with you for a long time, it won't happen over night. Good post!

Syd said...

I can't remove the defects but God can if I am willing. Thanks for posting on this important step.