Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday's clean slate

Good Saturday morning to you all! Sleeping in is nice :-) Due to the heavy rains yesterday, the All Star Saturday Baseball games were cancelled for today. So, while disappointed indeed, I do have before me a clean slate for the day now. I got the grass cut last night, but there are plenty of weeds to pull here and there in my flowerbeds lol.

Later tonight I have the priviledge of announcing during the Luminaria Ceremony at Relay for Life. I am pretty excited about that. It's my first public announcing gig. The former chamber guy always did it, but he is a radio man, has been for years, left the chamber to go back to local radio. So, I was surprised and honored when they asked me to do it.

This weather... the folks in Arkansas, wow! My thoughts and prayers go out to those people with all the flooding. It has sure been a scary spring and summer this year. I know we've had our fair share of rain and storms. There were more tornado warnings last night north of us. I haven't heard that there were any actual tornado sightings or damage.

We're all moved into the new office and it's been really kool working in a brand new building, one of historic singificance. I will have to take a few photos and post them so you can see the new digs. It's a beautiful building.

Life is fairly peaceful right now, for the most part and this is a good thing. Of course with summer starting, the usual mother-son drama is taking place, and we've lost our ability to dash to Dayton during the day and see the counselor with Ian being home all day. I've suggested a few options for Ian that seem to be getting shot down by my wife, in her usual negative nature, so I am not sure whassup with that situation right now. I hope we're not backsliding.

I'll keep praying and working on my spiritual life and "husbandry" and try to do the next right thing. All I can do is work on Scott (me) and have faith that things will turn out as they should, as God's Will permits.

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Syd said...

Hope that things will work out. Take a deep breath. I do think that things work out if I am patient.