Thursday, July 01, 2010

so many people, so little space

Alright, we're back home! We hit the road early Wed morning, arrived home by 2 pm and immediately began preparing for the swim meet concessions (we have to store everything at home, drag it to the pool each time, ugh!) and had the stand up and running by 4:30 pm. We finished up, and I got home around 11 pm. That was a loooong day!

Vacation was nice, but it was a mass of humanity. Thankfully, the political and religious discourse didn't begin until Sunday evening and not too many feelings were hurt lol. I stayed pretty well out of the debate. That's just not a place I needed to visit. And besides, I am through getting all fired up over politics. There's nothing I can do to affect any real change other than vote and stay informed. So I do those things and leave the debate to people better qualified to handle it than I!

Now that vacation is over and I am back at the office, I am ready for some quiet, lol. It was people all week, people all nite last nite and I am not interested in people any more for a couple days lol. The office is fairly quiet so, it's a good respite from the crush of the past week. At least on vacation, the pace was more relaxed than it had been, prior to leaving.

This weekend, one of the small towns served by our chamber of commerce is holding their annual 2 day 4th of July festival. I decided to use the weekend as a fundraiser so the Chamber is running a pulled pork BBQ sandwich stand. I have a caterer that makes the finest pulled pork I've ever tasted so I know it's a sure winner. The caterer has a kool roaster he brings in and it's going to be lots of fund-raising fun! I also get to officiate the pie baking contest, describing each pie in detail, sharing pie trivia, and poking fun at the judges. They are even foolish enough to give me the PA system all weekend to make announcements and so forth lol. Hopefully they won't regret that move!

All in all, it will prove to be a busy, insane but productive, fun and All-American weekend!


Syd said...

I'm glad that it turned out to be fun. I don't discuss politics in open discussions with others. It just makes for too much dissent. I realize that each person is entitled to an opinion.

Carol said...

There's no place like home