Saturday, August 07, 2010

a sober saturday for dad!

Saturday morning, the promise of a blank weekend slate...

Ian had a little buddy over last nite, they are breakfasting now, fueling up for a day of 8 yr old insanity, dust, scrathes, bruises and laughter. They plan to be riding their bikes "ramping" as they call it, over some plastic ramps we got at a garage sale... A mini "X-games" if you will lol. It's a perfect hot sunny summer type day shaping up, good to be an 8 yr old boy.

Even better is that I plan to take Ian to Eldora Speedway tonight for a monster turck show and he has no idea. I am not going to tell him until we arrive there. We're only 20 minutes from there so he won't have a clue what's up. He will be blown away, boys night out lol. It's a great track, owned by a NASCAR driver (#14) and lots of fun. Ian loves monster trucks so he will have a blast.

Tomorrow evening, we're off to Dayton to watch the Dragons play (minor league baseball). So, we've got a great weekend planned. Sometime this weekend I will head up to the office, I have work to do in advance of being out of the office all week with high school marching band camp.

To me, this is what being sober is all about.


Em said...

I love sober Saturdays with my girls :) I wouldn't give it up for anything.

steveroni said... 8-year-old insanity ANYTHING like 80-year-old insanity???

(Shhhhh! I suspect the answer to be a resounding "YESSSSS!")

Always I am glad when you visit. Thanks!

Syd said...

Nice to treat you both to time together and something that he likes. Enjoy a blank slate weekend. Those are my favorites.