Wednesday, September 15, 2010

how about "Wednesday Wisdom"

Ok... Since I was without opportunity yesterday to post my usual "Tuesday Truth," we'll go for "Wednesday Wisdom." When last we were together, we were discussing Unselfishness as one of the Four Absolutes. The final Absolute of the Four is Love so let's have a go at that!

Love... Who doesn't love Love? lol I remember as a young person experiencing love as a state of being, an emotion, a place, an arrival. Of course that's how we all first encounter Love. But Love the noun is an immature understanding of Love in my opinion. It turns out that Love is really more like a verb. Oh sure, we can feel Love, we can get that warmth that comes when we are "in love" and so forth. But for my money, love means action.

When I Love someone I am acting, sharing, giving, helping, caressing, nurturing, respecting. I am being honest, the most Honest I can be when it comes to Love. If I am Loving it is to be Pure Love, unobstructed by inappropriate motives, or it ceases to become Love. That means Unselfishness is important if I am to truly, Absolutely Love. God teaches us to love Him as He Loves us, without condition, as Purely, Unselfishly and as Honestly as we can. So, it is by no mistake that we come to Love at the end of our treatment of the "Big Four." God teaches us that envy, bitterness, deceit, pride, lust have no place where Love is concerned. Jesus taught us that the greatest gift we can give or receive is our Love. And while I am sure He doesn't want us to give it lightly, I don't think He means we should give Love only sparingly. He wants us to Love. He instructs us to Love one another, all of "one another."

But, don't do it lightly, without the realization of Love's power and reach. Give Love, share Love, expect Love and your will be living as He intends.


izzy said...

Ok, I landed here via a discussion of
bumper stickers- (AA's).I love visiting blogs on recovery. Many mornings I look for writings relating to it.
I was searching for more prayers by
St. Francis, this am. Seems to me I used to have a book with more than just his most famous one ( not that it needs improving on, or adding to)I started my day with Emmet Fox and his Sermon on the Mount.
I like what you have written here about love. I was reflecting on how
I am with my partner, these days. -And
it struck me that 'naked honesty'
sometimes involves a bit of a
" jab".Poke in the ribs, sort of jab.
'What's really going on ?'
' What is behind the silence-' ?
Am I lovingly provoking ? or do I just want a reaction ? It seems lately
I want to know what he is thinking, feeling, at a given moment. If it is done in the evening`-I want to get inside fatigue/ past it...Is that the best time ? Maybe I'd better re-think
my timing.However " Busy-ness" and work
often get in the way. Time to reinstate
the weekly 5 minute ,speak and listen sessions... Thanks!

Syd said...

Nice Scott. I wish that love could be so pure but it is something to work towards. Unconditional love, without expectations, is a goal for me.

Eric Alder said...

My only comment on Love: It's better to actually BE in love than to just be in love with the IDEA of being in love. Therein lies all the difference in the world.