Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kayla's Song

To what do I owe this sweet surprise?
By what good fortune have you come to my arms?
So many months and years have passed since I let go.
I can still recall the final butterfly kisses, so sweet.
My tears nearly dropping upon your tiny, cute smiling face.
You had no idea, as my heart tore in two.

So many nights I'd lie in bed wondering
"How did you get so far into my heart?
"Is she seeing the same starts as me?"
"What kind of person has she become?"
"What could I have done better in our time together?"

I needed to make the break or suffer the same fate as always.
For my recovery, for my re assemblage as a person, I had to go.
For you were never really mine,
I was only a helpful, loving guardian for a time.

But that time has touched me so deeply.
I shall never forget that last butterfly kiss and giggle.
Why did God make little girls so sweet?
So they could steal daddys' hearts the world around,
and keep them soft and gently bound in love.

God brought you back to me, a blessing I may not deserve.
But, a blessing I'll not take for granted.
Time I cannot make up, actions won't be undone.
But I can at least re-connect with the heart you
so lovingly took as your own. My heart.


Syd said...

That is such a moving piece. I am glad that you are reconnecting with your "heart".

Anonymous said...

This touched me deeply - I think you deserve every bit of it! May many more blessings come your way...