Saturday, September 25, 2010

saturday miscellany

Just a quick post before real estate principles/practices class begins....

It's a beautiful autumn morning, saw an incredible sunrise during my 2 hr drive to Columbus this morning. This time of year is really pretty kool. I love spring best, but fall is great. It feels good to be up early, sober, out and about living life! I have so much going on and it's all good, interesting and God-inspired and related.

Saturday morning, out too early

"Ripping across the pre dawn sky, pink and orange streaks appear.
I blink, checking my foggy eyes and mind against what I think I'm seeing.
Thnk God for cruise control that will bring me to my destination.
Considering the day ahead, it will be chock full of info but devoid of family :-(
All this fuss with be worth it in the end, just find a way to persevere my friend.
Lord, be with me, bless my family. See us through another day.
And for goodness sake, could you please put something better on the radio at 6am!"

Tonight, our high school marching band (the very same one I am assistant director of)
competes in our first contest of the season. Due to having classes, I cannot be there. I am sad, but excited. The kids are really starting to get it. They are beginning to perform, rather than pratice. I cannot wait to hear how they do tonight. Our director is going to call my cell so I can at least hear them over the phone as they perform.

Gooooooooooo Cardinals!

(PS- I GOTTA get my butt to an AA meeting this week. It's been too long between meetings!)

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