Saturday, October 09, 2010

it's a good day!

It's nice to be sitting here at home in my office rather than sitting in a class room 2 hrs from here waiting for class to start! I am three class sessions away from completing all of my course work for real estate licensing, yay! lol

Today, our high school band travels 90 minutes north to compete in our second of four band contests. The kids are working hard, improving with each performance and I think we're on the verge of earning the "superior" rating that will qualify us to compete at state band contest! The weather will be perfect, there are 21 bands competing so it should be an awesome day!

This assistant band director gig has been just AWESOME! Because of my alcoholism/addiction, I really trashed any good shot I had at a full-time career as a music teacher. So to be able to come round full circle and finally "officially" teach and be out in front of a band again is overwhelming each time we go out to perform. Today, at contest, I will get to meet some people I went to music school with that I haven't seen in almost 20 years. I am a little nervous, for having "dropped off the face of the earth," but it will be good to see them again!

Today will go down as an important day in the life of this recovering alcoholic. I feel blessed to be doing what I am doing with my life today. That's a long way from where I was 14 years ago, crawling out of the depths of my alcoholism, through the doors of AA. God and AA have made this all possible. Everything good in my life, I owe to God and AA.

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Hap Joy Free said...

My soon is inmusic school at college and has loved his HS band director. Congrats on being sober and being back with the band. I am sure they are lucky to have you. Those who love music as much as you do are rare....