Thursday, October 14, 2010

An overwhelming sense of calm

In the midst of all the stuff I have going on around me, last night I was blessed with the gift of peace. I went over to church early (I teach religious ed on Wed nights) due to an incoming line of storms. (I didn't want to get wet, I am a cream puff, ok?) I sat in the dark sanctuary and watched the lightning, watched the leaves blowing round and just sat with God. I prayed for clarity, to be able to carry His message to the students.

I taught about the Parables and how Christ used stories to convey the Word of God. I used a guided meditation for the final part of the lesson. unlike that last class, this group didn't quite get it, but the message was still there and a couple of them (including myself) very definitely felt the Holy Spirit. The nifty thing is that I felt the Presence in my heart, through sharing with the kids. I felt as if God had come to them through me, He had used me as His instrument if only for a short while.

In recovery, that is my goal... To be there for struggling alcoholics, as they were (and continue to be) there for me. I pray that I am prepared for God to use me as His instrument. I see it time and time again in meetings. people come in all shot through with life's struggles and sober alcoholics in a good spiritual space share their God's given wisdom and their personal experiences. Almost every time, a change comes over the struggling alcoholic, that very same peace I experienced last night. It's a daily miracle and I am grateful for my part in conveying that peace when I can.

God, thank You for preparing me to be your instrument. Thank You for giving me gifts that enable me to grow close to people and share Your Grace, the Grace you freely give all who are ready to receive. Thank You for AA, for sobriety, You are the wellspring for all the good in the world. I am grateful today, to have a relationship with You.


Syd said...

Finding peace in my heart is the greatest gift that I have received. I am happy to be living and to be of service.

Angela said...

This is absolutely beautiful. I am very proud of you for overcoming your struggles, and turning that around to use for His Glory. The wonderful thing about our God is that as long as we are open and willing, He will always use us as He sees fit and equip us with all we need to do so. I know he hears you, sees all the wonderful things you are doing to help others, and will certainly say "Well done thy good and faithful servant". :)

I am reminded of 2 Cor. 1:3-5, which always helps me to remember that whatever trials or struggles I may go through, to comfort others going through the same or similiar situation with the same comfort God has given me.

Thank you very much for stopping by to say hello. Gratitude is a very big part of my life as well,as you've already seen. It truly makes for a more meaningful life.

Jingle said...

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Jingle said...

hope you well...
stay happy,
you deserve happiness.