Sunday, October 03, 2010

Sunday morning

I am still in Columbus, the final day of Real Estate Law class... And, I have a story...

Yesterday was Ian's 9th birthday so my wife brought him and a little buddy to Columbus to spend the night last night in a hotel connected to an indoor waterpark. Fun, fun!! Well, this morning I am up and at 'em nice and early for breakfast, then class. I run into a young man in full military fatigues packing out for the morning. I asked him if he's deploying and he's actually in town for some sort of training. His mission patch indicated that he had been to Afghanistan. I thanked him for his service, told him what a pleasure it was to meet him. I ALWAYS thank our service men and women when I see them out and about. I cannot imagine what they must endure for us.

He was really friendly, explained his patch and mission and thanked me for expressing my gratitude. Well, as I was eating my breakfast a few moments later dowwn in the hotel restaurant, engrossed in Pandora radio on my blackbery, he sat at the table next to me and ate quickly. As he got up to leave, he stopped at my table, dug around in his pocket and offered me a US Flag pin and told me how much he appreciated me saying something. Well, sap that I am, I got all choked up and told him how much this means to me.

Oddly, the US Flag pin that is ALWAYS on the lapel of my black suit jacket broke this week. That gesture, simple as it was, really blows me away!

For all of you service men and women around the world, thank you and God speed you home safely. God bless your families and friends, and thank you all very much for your sacrifice!

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Syd said...

That was really a nice gesture by you and by him. I think that it was a God shot.