Wednesday, October 06, 2010

wednesday prose (or something like it)

Somehow yesterday got by me without a blog post. It happens lol. There's lots going on!

I've managed to get through the two longest real estate classes in fairly decent shape. I only have finance and appraisal left to go, three more days of class. I'll be done with them on Oct 20, but who's counting! After 8 years in mortgage lending, these two classes will be a breeze! I should be tested and licensed by mid-November and ready to embark on my new adventure in Real Estate.

Fear, uncertainty prevail at times...
My mind whirls with doubts and concerns.
A sense of urgency for finances frail
must be tempered by a desire to do
the next right thing.

I am a professional, I know the game.
Helping people gives such a rush
of love, pride and satisfaction.
Changing, improving lives is really
what it's all about.

They trust me with their money,
their biggest investment, their homes.
I do my due diligence on their behalf,
and in the end at closing we laugh.
For we've learned, we've stressed,
we've seen worst and best.
They've picked, I've presented.
And now we can rest
assured they've done the right thing.
And now it's done but for one more thing.
"Welcome to your home sweet home."


drybottomgirl said...

You will be great! Because you are focused on "helping" rather than just financial gain. People will find they are very lucky when they choose you to represent them...

Syd said...

I know that you will have great integrity in your work. Good luck with it all.