Monday, November 22, 2010

micro fiction monday

140 characters of your best stuff, inspired by the photo above. Then, visit Susan over at Stony River and let us know you're out there, poet!
No fear, he says... "Here, put this on, it's kool. No Fear."
Turns out, "N F" really means "Now Food"
Who knew?


Diane said...

Good response! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!! :O)

Dominic de Mattos said...

Worse than painting a bulls-eye on him eh?!

*note to self - don't wear a baseball cap with random letters on it - could lead to misunderstandings!*

Susan Fobes said...

Beware of confusing labels...LOL!

septembermom said...

"Now Food" - that's great :)

Ms.Daisy said...

Ut oh! What a time to find out what NF stands for, huh? Good one!


izzy said...

Oh I thought it was 'Now Fun',
Thanks and great of you to visit!

kaykuala said...

'Am not passing the buck. A 'New Family', 'Next Fall' that's a promise!
May be that's the thinking!

Syd said...

Nice one. They look much better alive and in the wild.